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Usage Based Insurance

26th November
PTOLEMUS ranks Allstate, AXA, Desjardins and Ping An as the most advanced digital insurers

1 October 2018
PTOLEMUS ranks the best mobile insurance strategies, apps and service providers

1st October
Smartphonisation is reshaping banking. Insurance is next, says new research from PTOLEMUS Consulting Group (read here)

3rd September 2018
Mobile insurance now reaches over 50 million drivers worldwide (read here)

26th July 2018
PTOLEMUS announces the 2018 edition of its UBI infographics (read here)

13th February 2018
The usage-based insurance market has grown by 26% in 2017 thanks to no less than 280 insurance brands lead by UnipolSai, Progressive and Allstate (read here)

18th May 2017
Usage-based Insurance global market grew by 32% in 2016 to 14 million policies (read here)

1st December 2016
The telematics ice age is over but most insurers are not ready for Big Data analytics (read here)

7th January 2016
Insurers are not ready as UBI becomes mainstream (read here)

16th December 2015
UBI will uberize insurance (read here)

27th June 2015
PTOLEMUS announces the 2016 winners of the UBI ranking (read here)


Brussels, 19 April 2019
New mobility rules and systems are the only antidote to the continued growth in urban traffic by 2030 (read here)

Brussels, 20 March 2019
PTOLEMUS Ranks INVERS and SkedGo as the Most Advanced Mobility Platform Providers Worldwide (read here)

Brussels, 13 December 2018
Global mobility will grow by 55% to 70 trillion passenger km in 2030

Six months into the mandate, eCall is happening… slowly

London, 27 April 2016
Connected mobility services to equip 650 million cars and generate $350 billion in revenues by 2020 (read here)

ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles

11th January 2019
Autonomous driving: Europe must lead the global race, says MEP van de Camp

22nd March 2017
Over 700,000 Crashes Avoided Every Year in the US Thanks to Automation, New PTOLEMUS Report Finds

27th January 2016
Autonomy-will-affect-Insurance-premiums (read here)

Connected Insurance Analytics

5th September 2016
PTOLEMUS call for a fairer and more standardised way to choose driver scoring (read here)

Electronic Toll Collection

24th November 2015
PTOLEMUS announces the winners of the 2015 ETC rankings (read here)

1st October 2015
Key data points on the global Road User Charging market: Adoption, revenue, growth (read here)

10th October 2015
Connected services represent a game changer for the tolling industry (read here)