About PTOLEMUS Consulting Group

Created in 2008, PTOLEMUS Consulting Group is the first strategy consulting & market research firm entirely focused on augmented mobility and automation.

It was named after Ptolemy, the Greek geographer who, in the 2nd century, collected and united multiple fragments into the first real world map. Like Ptolemy, our firm helps all mobility stakeholders navigate in an increasingly fast changing mobility ecosystem.

With our clients, we are shaping the future of mobility and automation

Mobility is being augmented with connectivity and positioning but also multiple new fields that enrich our trips or make them more efficient: vehicle data, user data, context data, etc.

PTOLEMUS combines deep expertise of mobility topics with strategy making and market analysis capabilities. Through more than 130 consulting assignments, we have also proven our ability to help our clients shape future mobility.

Fields of expertise

Mobility services

Car poolingMicro-mobilitySmart parking
Car sharingRide hailingTax refund
MaaSShared mobility

Vehicle services

eCallVRMSpeed cameras
Fleet management service (FMS)In-car Wi-FiTraffic information
Stolen vehicle tracking & recovery (SVT/SVR)Parking

New energies

Battery-electric vehicles (BEV)Fuel cellsPlug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV)
Electric vehicle (EV) chargingHydrogenVehicle-to-grid
Fuel card services

Usage-based charging

Car as a ServiceMobility as a Service (MaaS)Usage-Based insurance (UBI)
Electronic Toll Collection (ETC)Road user chargingPay as you drive (PAYD)
Vehicle rentalVehicle leasingPay how you drive (PHYD)

Vehicle data & analytics

Artificial intelligence (AI)Driving behaviourRemote diagnostics
CAN-busOBDFloating Car Data (FCD)
Crowd-sourcingPredictive analysisData protection

Vehicle automation

Advanced-driver assistance systems (ADAS)Autonomous trucksRobo-taxis
Autonomous cars (AVs)Autonomous shuttles

Enabling technologies

Positioning (GNSS / WiFi / cellular)SmartphonesTelematics devices
M2M / ConnectivitySensorsV2X

Many clients are trusting us:

Analytics, maps & application providersPtolemus Consulting group clients 1
Automotive manufacturers and suppliersPtolemus Consulting group clients 2
Telematics solutions providersPtolemus Consulting group clients 3
Fleet & fuel, ITS & regulatorsPtolemus Consulting group clients 4
Mobile telecom players
Device & location suppliers
Insurers, aggregators & assistance providers

Banks & private equity investors

Our strategy consulting services

Learn more about how we have assisted our clients to reach their goals in our case study section.

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