Mentions in the press

The PTOLEMUS research team constantly has mentions in the press. To find out our latest mentions in the press, please see below:

mentions in the press

13 November 2019
Cambridge Mobile Telematics Partners with Duck Creek Technologies to Provide Telematics-Based Solutions to P&C Insurers

4 November 2019
In Focus – The Motor Insurance Revolution – Which Insurance Trend Will Win Out?

16 October 2019
Verra Mobility to Acquire Pagatelia, European Leader Facilitating Interoperable Tolling in Four Countries, Accelerating Expansion Across Europe

20 March 2019
PTOLEMUS Ranks INVERS and SkedGo as the Most Advanced Mobility Platform Providers Worldwide

3 December 2018
The Floow Named Leading Telematics Service Provider in Europe by Ptolemus

28 August 2018
NJM Insurance Group Selects IMS for Smartphone-based Insurance Telematics Program

19 June 2018
As UBI Becomes Mainstream, Too Many Insurers Are Unprepared, Warns PTOLEMUS’ New UBI Global Study

3 May 2018
Black box car insurance saves you a “staggering amount” but comes with huge restrictions – is it really worth it?

4 October 2016
Functionality of UBI business model: PTOLEMUS

10 July 2016
Driverless cars aren’t ready for the road, expert warns

30 June 2016
Cambridge Mobile Telematics Named Best Among Global and North American Telematics Service Providers of Smartphone Apps

2 February 2016
Why self-driving cars could upset insurers

16 December 2015
Telematics will “uber-ize” the auto insurance industry: PTOLEMUS study

8 April 2014
Danlaw Launches OBDII Device with Texas Instruments SimpleLink™ Bluetooth® CC2564 solution

8 April 2014
European Commission : Presentation by Ptolemus