Latest Research Studies

The first practical & independent one-stop guide on the transition to electrification for fleets
This study includes:
  • 420-page comprehensive analysis of the global fleet electrification landscape
  • Insights from case studies of how 8 leading fleets have successfully electrified
  • An in-depth assessment of 11 suppliers of electrification solutions
  • A 2020-2030 bottom up market forecast encompassing an Excel file with outputs and charts
Road Usage Charging United States Report

The first RUC diagnostics and simulation tool for road & transport decision makers.
This study includes:
  • 300-page in-depth analysis of the current and future road financing in the US.
  • An examination of the economic, financial, political and technological context behind RUC
  • A detailed assessment of RUC vs. other major funding solutions across 9 key dimensions
  • The status of road funding including 4 in-depth profiles of US States that are at the forefront of RUC initiatives
  • A comparison of RUC in the US and distance-based charging in Europe that identifies 5 key lessons and insights that the US can take away from the European experience
Norway Vehicle Electrification Study

Norway is 5-10 years ahead of the rest of the world in terms of electrification and the world can learn a lot from their example!
This study includes:
  • 120-page analysis of the Norway vehicle electrification example
  • Assessment of the global challenges of electrification
  • Norway’s electrification success stories
  • Detailed explanation of the pitfalls for other countries to avoid

Latest Forecasts & Databases

Connected Car Services Database

There is a lot of noise about connected car services, trials, proof of concepts but there is not an up-to-date and clear comparison overview of what the OEMs are offering.
This database includes:
  • Concise comparison of the connected car services offered by OEMs
  • Over 16,000 data points covered
  • 7 regions analysed
Commercial Fleet Telematics Market Forecast

Detailed information on global commercial fleet aftermarket telematics revenue, embedded telematics revenue, hardware and subscription revenues, total volume of vehicles using telematics, and more.
This forecast includes:
  • Bottom-up 2020-2030 market forecast
  • Analysis of 18 countries and regions in 5 continents
  • Thousands of data-points
Connected Auto Insurance Market Forecast

Detailed information on the connected auto insurance and UBI market size, policy volumes by type of technology used, premiums generated by type of technology used, and TSP revenues.
This study includes:
  • Bottom-up 2020-2030 market forecast
  • Analysis of 18 countries and regions in 5 continents
  • Thousands of data-points