Research Reports

PTOLEMUS brings unparalleled depth of knowledge in telematics, mobility and automation. Learn more about our reference research reports.

OEM Readiness for Autonomous Vehicles Global Study

A 350-page analysis of OEM readiness to deliver autonomous vehicles

  • 16 in-depth profiles on OEM and tech company AV programmes
  • Defines 7 key AV building blocks and technologies required
  • Bottom-up timeline for market deployment of AVs across 3 regions and 2 car segments

Mobile Insurance Global Study

The first in-depth analysis of how smartphones are revolutionising the business of auto insurance

  • 600-page analysis of the insurance app strategies by models, use-cases and geographies
  • Step-by-step guide to developing your mobile UBI strategy
  • Analysis of the strategies and apps of 26 insurance companies worldwide
  • 15 Telematics Service Providers profiled and ranked
  • 2018 - 2025 global UBI market projections

Autonomous Vehicle Technology and Suppliers Global Study

A 500-page analysis of the global autonomous vehicle technology suppliers landscape

  • 80 AV Suppliers analysed throughout the report
  • 13 case studies about various sensor technologies, HD maps, HA GNSS, processors and AI technology solutions offered by suppliers in the industry today
  • 20 AV supplier's profiles
  • In-depth analysis of the 4 technological building blocks
  • An independent ranking of the top suppliers in AV market

The Fleet Insurance Telematics Global Study

A 500-page analysis of the global fleet insurance telematics landscape

  • An analysis of over 45 programmes worldwide
  • 8 in-depth case studies of current programmes giving information on target market, value proposition, and devices used
  • Profiles of 10 key telematics service providers (TSPs)
  • Evaluation of the connected fleet insurance value chain and 9 key stakeholder groups
  • Strategic recommendations to insurance providers including best practices, delivery models and services provision

The Mobility Platform Suppliers Handbook

The first buyer’s guide to the mobility-as-a-service platform suppliers

  • 150-page analysis of the supply ecosystem powering mobility-as-a-service
  • 17 MaaS suppliers assessment including company strategy, market offering and place in the value chain
  • High level architecture of the shared mobility platforms
  • Independent ranking of the top technology providers in the MaaS market

The Global Mobility Roadbook

Guiding the industry from transportation to mobility

  • Analysis of mobility in 168 countries
  • 12 core trends and how they impact key stakeholders, including strategic guidelines on leveraging them
  • A quantitative city model to predict the impact of new mobility modes on overall trips
  • An in-depth analysis of key MaaS suppliers, including a ranking
  • The 2018-2030 global mobility demand forecast