Research Reports

PTOLEMUS brings unparalleled depth of knowledge in telematics, mobility and automation. Learn more about our reference research reports.

The Global Mobility Roadbook

Guiding the industry from transportation to mobility

  • Analysis of mobility in 168 countries
  • 12 core trends and how they impact key stakeholders, including strategic guidelines on leveraging them
  • A quantitative city model to predict the impact of new mobility modes on overall trips
  • An in-depth analysis of key MaaS suppliers, including a ranking
  • The 2018-2030 global mobility demand forecast

The Mobility Platform Suppliers Handbook

The first buyer’s guide to the mobility-as-a-service platform suppliers

  • 150-page analysis of the supply ecosystem powering mobility-as-a-service
  • 17 MaaS suppliers assessment including company strategy, market offering and place in the value chain
  • High level architecture of the shared mobility platforms
  • Independent ranking of the top technology providers in the MaaS market

Mobile Insurance Global Study

The updated reference report on UBI and digital insurance

  • 600-page analysis of the insurance app strategies by models, use-cases and geographies
  • Step-by-step guide to developing your mobile UBI strategy
  • Analysis of the strategies and apps of 26 insurance companies worldwide
  • 15 Telematics Service Providers profiled and ranked
  • 2018 - 2025 global UBI market projections

Electronic Tolling Global Study 2019

Towards connected vehicle payments.

  • 750 page study with 40 individual country profiles, including qualitative, competitive and value chain analysis
  • Service provider best practices
  • Interoperability models analysis
  • Smartphone-based tolling model analysis
  • 12 profiles of EETS service providers

Augmented Mobility 2030 Global Study

From transport to user-centric multimodal mobility

  • 500+-page analysis of the mobility market through the key factors and trends impacting mobility.
  • An assessment of the future strategies of each stakeholder type
  • Global mobility demand projections to 2030
  • Forecast per country to 2030 by transport mode

Connected Fleet Services Global Study 2018

Big data for big trucks: digitalising transport services

  • 650 page strategic analysis of the fleet services market
  • Over 50 case studies of companies integrating new services
  • 45 companies profiled and analysed
  • 4 market forecasts: fleet telematics, Electronic Toll Collection, connected fleet insurance and fuel cards provision