Electric Vehicles

The rise of the electric vehicle industry has disrupted conventional methods of moving. Recent mandates in EU and other parts of the world have pushed [ ... ]

Shared mobility

In the past few years, mobility has morphed from a buzzword to the strategy centrepiece of the heavyweights in the automotive and transport industries. Manufacturers, [ ... ]

Private equity investment

Many companies from the connected mobility ecosystem have now reached a sufficient degree of maturity to have become an attractive target for private equity investment. [ ... ]

Urban mobility

At PTOLEMUS, we define urban mobility as the combination of dynamic patterns and structural conditions that transport people in urban and interurban environments. The concept [ ... ]

Road Infrastructure

Road tolling is a very common way of funding and financing improvements to road infrastructure via the construction or maintenance of highways, bridges and [ ... ]

Vehicle repair & distribution

Vehicle repair and distribution refers to the network of dealerships and independent agents that offer after-sales products and services to the B2C and B2B segments [ ... ]

Vehicle manufacturing

The automotive industry has become the driver for a new era of digitalisation, automation, electrification and connectivity, impacting vehicle production and beyond. In parallel, the business [ ... ]


Commercial transport is the lifeblood of the globalised economy. With fleet management  moving towards a unified sourcing of fleet telematics services, managers can streamline their operations [ ... ]

IoT & Connectivity

The deployment of 4G networks (starting from 2009), alongside the ubiquity of smartphones, has created the necessary infrastructure for new advanced IoT services to disrupt [ ... ]

Motor insurance

The motor insurance industry has gone through a number of waves of changes and while many companies have ridden them, others have crashed through them. [ ... ]

Roadside assistance

Embedded solutions and aftermarket devices have transformed roadside assistance. Through OEM platforms, dedicated devices, and smartphone apps, a multitude of service providers can now initiate eCalls, [ ... ]