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Car Data Revenues: What is the Future?

Automotive manufacturers are waking up to the reality that with the degree of car data [ ... ]

Interview with a mobility investor: Marc Weiser, RPM Ventures

We spoke to Marc Weiser, Managing Director at RPM Ventures while researching our Global Mobility [ ... ]

FCA and PSA falling behind in the Autonomous Cars race

A new study by PTOLEMUS Consulting Group comparing 16 OEMs worldwide has found that most [ ... ]

PTOLEMUS research finds automakers’ vision is in LiDAR for autonomous vehicles

A new study by PTOLEMUS Consulting Group found that most OEMs will use a “cocktail” [ ... ]

Tesla Autopilot heading for a dead end?

Elon Musk’s obsession against LiDAR sensors is leading Tesla’s AV strategy into the wall. All OEMs [ ... ]

EETS providers’ remuneration rates and the battle with Germany

In July, The European Commission (EC) issued a letter of formal notice to Germany addressing [ ... ]

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