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Motor insurance is being disrupted as usage-based insurance in India is officially approved

With over 1.4 billion inhabitants in 2022, India is the second most populated country in [ ... ]

Adoption of an open telematics platform by OEMs and TSPs will create immense value to the fleet management ecosystem

Several OEMs and TSPs have now adopted the strategy of an open telematics platform where [ ... ]

The future of autonomous vehicles is shared

Ride hailing services have become increasingly popular, especially among young people, in recent years. Today, [ ... ]

Why has Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) not taken off in China?

China has the potential to launch Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) into the mass-market “limelight”, but price [ ... ]

Takeaways from RUC USA Conference: Will RUC replace or supplement the gas tax and become our future road funding mechanism?

At the RUC USA Conference, held in Miami, Florida on June 13 & 14, the [ ... ]

Purchase price of EVs remains a paramount challenge for OEMs

The sale of electric vehicles (EVs) has ascended in the recent era as sales doubled [ ... ]

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