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Monetising car data: Can data hubs increase OEM profits?

Much has been made of the commercial environment and data hubs for the automotive industry [ ... ]

Is COVID-19 opening roads and accelerating AV acceptance?

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the automotive industry significantly. OEM’s factories and [ ... ]

Will the EU force automotive OEMs to open the gates to car data?

[Brussels - 5th April 2020] At the recent MAP conference in Paris, Karima Delli, Chair [ ... ]

What’s blocking OEMs from sharing connected car data with third parties?

[Brussels - 5th April 2020] As we started last year our research on the vehicle [ ... ]

Why do we need vehicle data hubs?

[Brussels - 5th April 2020] PTOLEMUS recently updated its global automobile market estimates and forecasts. [ ... ]

Vehicle data hubs will enable a €300 billion market globally by 2030

[Brussels - 25th March 2020] PTOLEMUS Consulting Group has published the Vehicle Data Market Global [ ... ]

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