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Toll Insight interview with Marissa Burkett

This interview first appeared on the tolling blog Toll Insight. Toll Insight is a new [ ... ]

China’s rapid ETC boom

Today, China is home to the biggest ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) market worldwide. This is [ ... ]

Road usage charging: will it be implemented in the US?

Pete Buttigieg, the newly confirmed US Transportation Secretary, outlined his infrastructure goals this past month, [ ... ]

Will mobile tolling shake up the European toll collection market?

On-board Units (OBU) for electronic tolling collection are widely adopted in many countries around Europe. [ ... ]

The operating model that empowers the mantra of ‘one device, one contract’

Today’s blog post is the 4th in our series looking at the EETS (European Electronic [ ... ]

EETS technologies and the possible adoption of smartphone payments

In the third in our series of blogs about the implementation of EETS, we will [ ... ]

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