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New mobility: the car rental industry’s Blockbuster moment?

As on-demand mobility models grow in scope and popularity, traditional car rental companies are having [ ... ]

The rise of the toll data central clearing house

The 2019 Electronic Tolling Global Study has been out for several months now and we [ ... ]

Analysing the technology providers that beat mobility challenges

Increasing urbanisation and congestions in cities is becoming a major problem for numerous public authorities [ ... ]

Digging into the technological world of Mobility-as-a-Service

Mobility-as-a-Service is now probably your favourite buzzword when looking up innovative trends in the mobility [ ... ]

TBYB will expand outside insurance as a driver safety mechanism

Try Before You Buy (TBYB) is one of the fastest growing models for advertising, selling [ ... ]

Regulation alone won’t support the EV market for long

Amid the decline in overall car sales in China and the muted growth in the [ ... ]

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