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Autonomous vehicle market trends and best practices

With the improvement of environmental perception technologies, such as lidars and radars, as well as [ ... ]

Will Google Maps disrupt the MaaS market?

What is MaaS and how Google Maps is relevant to it? We define Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) as [ ... ]

Is Tesla Semi a game changer? Part 2: Tesla Semi Versus Hydrogen Trucks

Leading OEMs are caught in the conundrum of either adopting battery electric trucks or hydrogen [ ... ]

Future of AVs and prospects of a fourth traffic light

Researchers from North Carolina State University now propose a fourth traffic light for the smooth [ ... ]

How EV fleets can benefit from V2X technology

V2X technology (Vehicle-to-everything) refers to the bi-direction flow of electricity from the battery of the [ ... ]

Key Drivers of RUC in the US: The evolution of mobility

As we discussed in the first part of this series on key drivers of RUC [ ... ]

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