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26 June 2020

Amazon Shakes Up the Race for Self-Driving—and Ride-Hailing
The ecommerce giant said it had agreed to acquire Bay Area–based autonomous vehicle company Zoox, a deal reportedly worth more than $1 billion. (Amazon did not respond to WIRED’s queries.) Since its founding in 2014, Zoox has been known for its technical chops, its secretiveness, and its sky-high ambition.

8 June 2020
EESL Plans to Install 2000 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Across India By 2021
Energy Efficiency Services Limited(EESL) has set a target of installing 2000 charging facilities in India by 2021 after installing 300 charging stations across India in FY20. The Firm is looking to achieve its target which was affected by COVID-19 Pandemic Outbreak. 

6 June 2020
Amazon Close to Finalizing its Purchase of Autonomous Vehicle Startup Zoox
Amazon is reportedly in talks to buy autonomous-vehicle startup Zoox.Founded in 2014, the startup was expected to have self-driving taxis in San Francisco in 2020.

18 May 2020
China Focus: New infrastructure steers driverless vehicles into the fast lane
As the epidemic comes under control in China, policies and infrastructure are being put in place to support self-driving vehicles. 

17 May 2020
Al Zahia deployed the first driverless car in the UAE
Sharjah Holding PJSC, a strategic partnership between Majid Al Futtaim Properties and Sharjah Asset Management, has announced a collaboration between the Al Zahiacommunity and the Ministry of Health and Prevention to deploy autonomous vehicles in the community to support residents amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

15 May 2020
SAE International endorses generic ADAS terminology recommendations
SAE International, the standards organization for vehicle engineers, announced Tuesday it officially endorsed the series of generic ADAS terms it had worked on alongside J.D. Power, Consumer Reports, AAA and the National Safety Council.

14 May 2020
NVIDIA Drive upshifts to Ampere GPUs for a smoother self-driving roadmap
During its GTC 2020 keynote today, NVIDIA finally pulled the veil back on its Ampere GPU architecture. 

14 May 2020
Waymo raises $3bn for vision of autonomous vehicle future
Waymo announced that others, including T. Rowe Price, Perry Creek Capital and Fidelity had joined the round, bringing the total size to $3bn. Waymo said it would use the money to invest in its technology as COVID-19 underscores the hygiene benefits of self-driving technology. 

13 May 2020
Policy to pave the way for autonomous vehicles
While fully autonomous vehicles haven’t yet reached the public at large and Level 4 operations are in limited geographical regions today, the future of AV technology could revolutionise transportation, mobility, and public and private transportation infrastructure, which would then have wide-reaching effects in sectors that rely on this infrastructure. 

12 May 2020
Safety groups agree to common terms for advanced driver assistance systems
As more partial automation makes its way to vehicles in the form of advanced driver assist systems (ADAS), automakers have had a pretty free-range in describing some of the features. That, hopefully, ends with the Clearing the Confusion campaign.

11 May 2020
Hyundai and Aptiv redeploy autonomous vehicles to deliver meals to vulnerable people in Las Vegas
The Hyundai-Aptiv Driving joint venture, a collaboration between Hyundai and Aptiv (formerly Delphi) to develop autonomous vehicle technologies, is using driverless vehicles in Las Vegas to deliver food to families in partnership with a nonprofit

11 May 2020
Fiat Chrysler and AV startup Voyage partner on self-driving minivans
Self-driving vehicle startup Voyage said Monday that it has inked a deal with Fiat Chrysler to supply purpose-built vehicles, a partnership that will help accelerate its plan to launch a fully driverless ride-hailing service. 

11 May 2020
Huawei Partners With 18 China Companies on 5G-powered Unmanned Driving
China’s telecoms giant Huawei Technologies announced it has set up an alliance with 18 companies to build an automotive system that uses 5G technology. 

9 May 2020
Self-driving car delivers medical supplies in Sharjah
The UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has deployed a self-driving vehicle to distribute personal protective equipment to residents and workers at a Sharjah residential complex.

8 May 2020
Can robotaxis ease public transport fears in China?
Robotaxi providers plan to ramp up the number of driverless cars they are putting on the roads to cater to the increased demand. One of the leading players AutoX is rolling out 100 autonomous vehicles in Shanghai by June.

8 May 2020
How UPS is responding to demands for faster and safer deliveries
UPS is actively enlisting emerging technologies to enhance deliveries. The logistics giant received a license to operate one of the very first drone airlines.

7 May 2020
Viziblezone wants cars to spot pedestrians by tracking their smartphones
Viziblezone’s technology essentially aims to turn smartphones into beacons, transmitting the location of pedestrians directly to nearby vehicles and alerting their drivers if someone they can’t necessarily even see is, for example, about to step out onto the road and into the vehicle’s path. 

7 May 2020
Study: How will self-driving vehicles change Moscow?
Based on current analysis, researchers have created future scenarios for Moscow to determine how self-driving vehicles will impact ride sharing, public transport, passenger experience and everyday life.

7 May 2020
Silicon Valley self-driving car unicorn could be reaching the end of the road
Zoox Inc., the self-driving car unicorn that last month cut hundreds of jobs and settled a trade secrets lawsuit with Tesla Inc., is reportedly pondering a sale.

7 May 2020
Start-up Bestmile: In the right place at the right time
The Swiss start-up Bestmile has developed an orchestration platform for on-demand mobility providers that steers every vehicle in a fleet in real time. The focus is on the control of autonomous vehicle.

6 May 2020
Volvo partners with lidar maker Luminar to equip its next-gen cars
Volvo will utilize lidar to facilitate their advanced driver assistance systems, thanks to a partnership with lidar manufacturer Luminar. 

6 May 2020
Gatik Launches Self-Driving Box Truck for Middle Mile Deliveries
Gatik, an autonomous vehicle startup focused on middle mile delivery, announced a new self-driving box truck today. 

6 May 2020
Veoneer begins production of technology suite for Polestar 2
Veoneer begins production of its advanced sensing technology and software enabling the Polestar 2 to become a leader in the next generation of car safety.

5 May 2020
Xilinx and Avnet combine to provide solutions for autonomous car developers
Chipmaker Xilinx and Avnet, a designer and distributor of electronics components, have combined to offer a range of solutions for autonomous car development.

5 May 2020
Ford shares a year’s worth of self-driving car data
To help advance autonomous vehicle research, Ford is releasing a comprehensive self-driving dataset to academics and researchers.

4 May 2020
California readying rules for automated vehicle ride-hailing
The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is currently managing a dialogue among dozens of parties weighing in on issues such as whether driverless AVs in pilot services should be allowed to collect fares for trips, whether they should be allowed to accept pooled or shared rides, and what types of data they should report.

3 May 2020
Intel to buy smart urban transit startup Moovit for $1B to boost its autonomous car division
According to multiple reports and sources, chip giant Intel is in the final stages of a deal to acquire Moovit, a startup that applies AI and big data analytics to track traffic and provide transit recommendations to some 800 million people globally at a price believed to be in the region of $1 billion.

1 May 2020
COVID-19 cuts into self-driving chips, on top of crushing car sales
Analysts believe the arrival of autonomous driving tech will be slowed, probably one to two years, because of the recent drastic downturn in auto sales and production due to COVID-19; depending on whether the virus reappears a second time, the slowdown could last longer. 

1 May 2020
Tesla’s Subscription Model for Full Self-Driving Could Be Expensive for Consumers
CEO Elon Musk also says buyers can pay $7,000 in advance and recover cost by renting their future self-driving cars as robotaxis. 

29 April 2020
Ford delays driverless car services to 2022 due to Covid-19
Ford has announced that plans to launch a driverless taxi service have shifted from 2021 to 2022, due to the coronavirus pandemic putting a halt to testing.

29 April 2020
Ford postpones autonomous vehicle service until 2022
Ford will delay until 2022 plans to launch an autonomous vehicle service, as the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted the company to rethink its go-to-market strategy.

29 April 2020
Imagry and AutonomouStuff partner to deliver mapless driving platform
Imagry, an autonomous vehicle software developer with a mapless driving platform, announced it has partnered with AutonomouStuff for inclusion in its portfolio of autonomy-enabling technologies for worldwide resale to navigate without the need for previously created and continuously updated high-definition maps.

28 April 2020
Velodyne Lidar Announces Agreement with EasyMile
Velodyne Lidar, Inc. today announced a three-year agreement with EasyMile, a global leader in driverless technology and smart vehicle solutions.

27 April 2020
AutoX, Alibaba’s AutoNavi roll out robotaxis in Shanghai’s ride-hailing services market
Autonavi’s Amap app riders can choose to request both a regular car with a driver or a self-driving RoboTaxi from AutoX at the same time. The main coverage area for the self-driving car service is Jiading, a district in the northwestern part of Shanghai. 

26 April 2020
Uber develops AI; enables driverless cars to accurately predict other vehicles motion
Uber has developed a Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) to make car trajectory predictions as opposed to less complex architectures.

21 April 2020
Voyage gets the green light to bring robotaxi service to California’s public roads
Voyage has cleared a regulatory hurdle that will allow the company to expand its self-driving service from the private roads of a retirement community in San Jose, Calif. to public roads throughout the rest of the state.

20 April 2020
China pushes forward with autonomous driving standards
China is expected to complete the formulation of a framework for driving-assist functions and low-level autonomous driving by the end of 2020, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. 

17 April 2020
Lidar-On-A-Chip holds promise for low-cost autonomous driving systems — New Stanford Research
According to a Stanford blog post, Jelena Vuckovic estimates her Stanford’s lab is about three years away from building a prototype that would be ready for a road test. 

16 April 2020 partners with Yamibuy on autonomous deliveries
Driverless startup announced that it’s collaborating with Yamibuy, an e-commerce platform based in Los Angeles, to launch an autonomous delivery service for customers in Irvine, California.

15 April 2020
Sensible 4 launches a fleet of self-driving vehicles in a busy area of Helsinki
A fleet of three self-driving vehicles, an on-demand mobile app and a Remote Control Centre (RCC) for autonomous vehicles begins operating in an upcoming first-of-a-kind pilot that will start in Helsinki on Tuesday.

15 April 2020
Former Tesla employees brought stolen documents to self-driving startup Zoox
Self-driving startup Zoox has admitted that four of its employees took confidential documents from their previous employer Tesla, according to a statement issued after the company settled a lawsuit this week over the matter.

15 April 2020
Uber claims its AI enables driverless cars to predict traffic movement with high accuracy
Researchers at Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) propose an AI technique using Model Predictive Control (MPC) to improve autonomous vehicles’ traffic movement predictions. 

14 April 2020
Professor X: RoboTaxi “gigafactory” to collect petabytes of urban info
AutoX just the Shanghai RoboTaxi Operations Center, which will serve as the largest data hub for self-driving car data in China. The operations center will serve as another tentpole in a 2019 agreement between AutoX and Shanghai municipal authorities to deploy 100 autonomous vehicles in Jiading District. 

14 April 2020
Otonomo expands its ecosystem for connected car data utilization
In addition to supporting personal services for BMW and MINI connected vehicles across the globe, Otonomo will also make crowd data available for innovative new use cases that reduce city congestion and improve the driving experience. 

14 April 2020
Chinese carmaker Geely plans to launch a satellite for autonomous technology
According to the Chinese company, the production-and-testing is already underway in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province. Geely plans to begin the launch of commercial low-orbit satellites by the end of this year. 

13 April 2020
DXC steps up autonomous driving efforts with CMORE buyout
Luxoft, the digital strategy and software engineering arm of DXC Technology Company DXC, recently announced the completion of the acquisition of mobility systems developer, CMORE Automotive.

7 April 2020
Self-driving NAVYA, beep shuttles used to transport COVID-19 tests to Mayo Clinic in Florida
A pilot program has begun in Jacksonville, Florida, that uses autonomous shuttles supplied by Beep and NAVYA to transport medical supplies and COVID-19 tests to a nearby Mayo Clinic.

7 April 2020
Einride demonstrates a single operator controlling multiple of its driverless cargo vehicles
The Swedish startup demonstrated its technology in use with one person remotely operating two pods at once, which is a fundamental part of their vision of multiple pods ultimately being overseen by one person essentially operating as a traffic controller. 

6 April 2020
Waymo and Google Brain partner to advance data augmentation research
Through the collaboration, Waymo aims to extend previous research to automatically discover optimal data augmentation policies to improve perception tasks for the ‘Waymo Driver’. 

4 April 2020
Volvo Cars to accelerate autonomous technology development
Zenuity, the assisted and autonomous driving software development company, will be split into two parts to maximise the potential of Zenuity’s developments to date.

2 April 2020
Waymo’s AI improves autonomous vehicle performance while saving costs
Specifically, Waymo says Progressive Population-Based Augmentation (PPBA) bolstered its cars’ object detection capabilities while decreasing costs and accelerating the training process.  

2 April 2020
Veoneer and Volvo cars to split joint venture to pursue separate ADAS and autonomous driving strategies
The automotive technology company Veoneer, Inc. has following a strategic review, entered into a non-binding agreement with Volvo Cars to split their 50/50 joint venture Zenuity.  

24 March 2020
Baidu sets up self-driving test ground in China’s Chongqing
Chinese search engine Baidu has secured a US$7.3 million government contract to build autonomous vehicle testing facilities in the Chinese municipality of Chongqing. 

23 March 2020
Le lidar pour véhicule autonome de Mitsubishi s’appuie sur un circuit Mems avec un miroir à 2 axes
Mitsubishi Electric se lance dans la bataille désormais très concurrentielle des capteurs lidar pour véhicules autonomes avec une solution fondée sur un circuit de type Mems (système micro-électromécanique) capable d’obtenir un angle de balayage horizontal très large pour détecter avec précision formes et distances des objets. 

18 March 2020
Coronavirus shows there’s still no such thing as a totally human-free self-driving car 
Autonomous vehicles were supposed to make human drivers obsolete. But the coronavirus pandemic is exposing how a technology designed to be human-free still relies on a large workforce of contract laborers at almost every level.          

18 March 2020
BMW to invest 30 Billion Euros by 2025 in EV, autonomous driving tech
The so-called ‘future technologies’ BMW will invest in will have some 30 billion euros set aside from the budget.            

17 March 2020
Coronavirus fears halt autonomous vehicle testing for Uber, Cruise, Aurora, Argo AI, Waymo, and others
Waymo, Uber, GM’s Cruise, Aurora, Argo AI, and are among the companies that have suspended driverless vehicle programs in the hopes of limiting contact between drivers and riders.  

11 March 2020
An Unlikely Coronavirus Hero? Self-Driving Cars
Neolix, a Chinese self-driving delivery startup, is using its self-driving vans to deliver medical supplies in Wuhan, as well as to disinfect roadways. The company has received orders for 200 of its vans as demand surges. 

11 March 2020
New 3D Driving Aid Invented By Toyota
Toyota Research Institute-Advanced Development, Inc. (TRI-AD), Toyota’s automated driving software development company, has successfully completed proof of concepts (PoC) demonstrating high definition (HD) map building for surface roads with a relative accuracy of fewer than 50 centimeters, a good level that is required for automated driving. 

4 March 2020
Waymo’s next-generation self-driving system can ‘see’ a stop sign 500 meters away
The system features updated sensors that will improve Waymo’s ability to “see” the world around it. And it will be cheaper to produce, enabling the company to get more autonomous vehicles on the road faster and more efficiently.

28 February 2020
GM’s Cruise given green light to test autonomous vehicles in California with passengers
The technology company has been authorized by the California Public Utilities Commission to transport passengers on public highways in California.

26 February 2020
China’s autonomous driving industry blooms as large investments pour in
Young Chinese self-driving companies that have received funding or are in the process of announcing new funding rounds include, UISEE, Momenta, IDriverPlus, Neolix, GS-Robots, etc.

20 February 2020
NAVYA Announces the Closing of the Bond Issue Subscribed by ESMO Corporation for an Amount of €20 Million
NAVYA, a leading company in autonomous driving systems, announces the subscription by ESMO Corporation of the remaining 10 ORNANE (bonds repayable in cash and/or into new and/or existing shares) for an amount of €10 million.

7 February 2020
Continental to Build Plant for ADAS in the US
Technology company Continental announced the construction of a new plant in New Braunfels, Texas to expand its capacity for the production of radar sensors. 

6 February 2020
Nuro R2 autonomous delivery vehicle gets green light
The Nuro R2 was granted an exemption by the U.S. Department of Transportation, allowing it to be tested on public roads without certain features of traditional, passenger-carrying vehicles. 

5 February 2020
GM expanding Super Cruise semi-autonomous driver-assist system to 22 vehicles by 2023
General Motors plans to expand its Super Cruise semi-autonomous highway driver-assist system to 22 vehicles by 2023, including 10 by next year. 

10 January 2020
3D lane-level positioning guidance for ADAS and driver safety
At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2020) in Las Vegas, location data and platform services provider Here Technologies has launched a new lane-level positional system that aims to increase driver awareness and road safety through Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

9 January 2020
Bosch Unveils Lidar Sensor for Autonomous Driving
Bosch has become the first company to develop a production-ready long-range Lidar sensor for automotive use. It complements the company’s existing radar and camera systems to provide the extra level of safety needed to make autonomous driving a reality.

8 January 2020
AutoX and Fiat Chrysler are teaming up on a robotaxi for China
AutoX is partnering with Fiat Chrysler to roll out a fleet of robotaxis for China and other countries in Asia.

8 January 2020
TomTom extends partnerships for advanced navigation and driver assistance systems
TomTom, the Netherlands-based independent location technology specialist has announced a collaboration with Hitachi Automotive Systems and Alfa Romeo for the development and implementation of its advanced navigation and driver assistance systems. 

7 January 2020
2020 CES: Mobileye’s Global Ambitions Take Shape with New Deals in China, South Korea
SAIC, a leading Chinese OEM, plans to use Mobileye’s REM mapping technology to map China for L2+ ADAS deployment while paving the way for autonomous vehicles in the country.

3 January 2020
More Questions About Tesla’s Autopilot After 3 Crashes & 3 Deaths
Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk had planned to put fully self-driving cars on the streets in a few months, but after three deadly crashes involving Teslas the company’s autopilot driving system is facing increased scrutiny. 

2 January 2020
TriEye partners with Porsche to put infrared sensors in ADAS and self-driving systems
TriEye today announced it’s collaborating with Porsche to improve the performance of the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and self-driving systems. 

19 December 2019
Newest Nvidia AV SoC boasts ‘7x Xavier Performance
Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang introduced Drive AGX Orin, the next generation SoC in the company’s automotive portfolio. 

14 December 2019
Volkswagen to bring self-driving electric shuttles to Qatar by 2022
Volkswagen Group and Qatar have agreed to develop a public transit system of autonomous shuttles and buses by 2022 for the capital city of Doha. 

12 December 2019
Aeva snags VW investment with smaller, longer-range lidar
Lidar startup Aeva has deepened its relationship with VW Group with a new investment from Porsche Automobili Holding SE, thanks to a next-generation sensor that is headed for the ID Buzz AV, an electric reboot of the automaker’s iconic bus that will be used as autonomous taxis. 

9 December 2019
Bosch and Daimler launch self-driving car pilot in San Jose
The companies announced the launch of a service in San Jose with a fleet of around 30 autonomous Mercedes-Benz S-Class vehicles, though only a select group of users will be able to hail them initially. 

2 December 2019
Daimler starts pilot testing of self-driving Mercedes taxis in the U.S.
The fleet includes about 30 vehicles, mainly Mercedes-Benz S-class sedans equipped with sensor arrays including long-distance, laser-scanning lidar, the person said, saying the test could last for several months. 

7 November 2019
Nio, Intel’s Mobileye to bring autonomous cars to China, other markets
Electric-car maker Nio has teamed up with Mobileye, a subsidiary of Intel Corp, to accelerate the commercial development of highly automated and autonomous vehicles for China and other major markets worldwide. 

30 October 2019
Ouster Lidar Enables Ike’s Mission of Safe Automated Trucking
Ouster has been selected by Ike as a primary lidar supplier to bring safe, reliable automated trucking to market. 

29 October 2019
Volkswagen to test autonomous vehicles in Tel Aviv in 2022, says executive
As part of the plan, Volkswagen is looking to test 50 to 100 vehicles, first with backup drivers and later fully autonomously, Hitzinger said. 

28 October 2019
Volkswagen creates autonomy division for self-driving cars
Volkswagen established Volkswagen Autonomy (VWAT) and calls the newly formed subsidiary a “center of excellence for autonomous driving” which will focus on everything related to building Level 4 and Level 5 systems. 

23 October 2019
Velodyne Announces ADAS Collaboration with Hyundai Mobis
Velodyne Lidar, Inc. announced an agreement with Hyundai Mobis to launch a new lidar-based advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) that integrates Velodyne lidar technology and Hyundai Mobis cognitive software.

21 October 2019
Hyundai develops world’s first machine learning-based smart cruise control tech
Hyundai Motor Group has announced the development of the world’s first machine learning-based Smart Cruise Control (SCC-ML). 

10 October 2019
Autonomous trucking startup Einride eyes US market with $25 million in new funding
Einride, the Swedish autonomous vehicle startup known for its futuristic pods designed to haul freight, has raised $25 million in a Series A round that will be used to fund its expansion into the United States.

9 October 2019
Toyota, GM, Nvidia, Bosch and others form new autonomous driving tech consortium
“Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium” (AVCC) includes Arm, Bosch, Continental, GM, Toyota, Nvidia, NXP and Denso, collecting top automakers along with some of the leading chipmakers and tier 1 suppliers in automotive today. 

1 October 2019
Tesla acquires computer vision startup DeepScale in push toward robotaxis
Tesla has acquired DeepScale, a Silicon Valley startup that uses low-wattage processors to power more accurate computer vision, in a bid to improve its Autopilot driver assistance system.

9 October 2019
Toyota, GM, Nvidia, Bosch and others form new autonomous driving tech consortium
Tesla has acquired DeepScale, a Silicon Valley startup that uses low-wattage processors to power more accurate computer vision, in a bid to improve its Autopilot driver assistance system.

27 September 2019
Waymo Valuation Slashed on Autonomous Vehicle Tech Delays
Morgan Stanley slashed its estimate of how much Alphabet Inc.’s Waymo driverless car business is worth, saying the technology is taking longer to develop than previously expected. 

27 September 2019
Baidu launches self-driving robotaxi service for general public in Hunan, China
The taxi services, involving an initial fleet of 45 autonomous cars, are expected to run initially on 50-kilometre-long open roads before gradually expanding to cover the entire Changsha pilot zone of 70 square kilometres. 

23 September 2019
Aptiv and Hyundai form new joint venture focused on autonomous driving
Automaker Hyundai is forming a new joint venture with autonomous driving technology company Aptiv,  with both parties taking a 50% ownership stake in the new company. 

18 September 2019
Ouster Lidar Enabling Commercial Launch of Autonomous Vehicle Technologies in 2022
Ouster is working with NVIDIA to provide lidar sensors for use in Level 3 to Level 5 autonomous driving systems being developed by major global OEMs targeting production in 2022. 

18 September 2019
AutoX Drives off with $100M in Funding to Expand its Autonomous Vehicle Fleets
Self-driving vehicle company AutoX closed a $100M Series A funding round earlier this week, reports KrAsia. 

17 September 2019
Veoneer receives thermal cameras award for autonomous vehicles
Veoneer, Inc., the world’s largest pure-play company focused on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Collaborative and Automated Driving, has been awarded a production contract to manufacture the world’s first thermal camera for a Level 4 autonomous vehicle. 

13 September 2019
Computer Vision system helps Suzuki drivers see and avoid pedestrians
The Suzuki Motor Corporation has integrated Hitachi Automotive’s Advanced Driver Assistance System and stereo camera into its CARRY line of light pickup trucks. 

10 September 2019
TomTom unveils autonomous test vehicle
TomTom released details of its latest fully autonomous test vehicle and the increased use of its maps in automated vehicles worldwide. 

4 September 2019
Continental acquires minority stake in Israeli start-up Cartica AI
Technology company Continental announced it has acquired a minority stake in Israeli start-up company Cartica AI who develops software in the field of artificial intelligence.

29 August 2019
Zenuity and CERN Team up on Fast Machine Learning for Autonomous Driving
Zenuity, the autonomous driving software company headquartered in Sweden, has become the first automotive company to team up with CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, in the development of fast machine learning for autonomous drive cars.

7 August 2019
Ouster Lidar Announces Global Expansion to European and Asia-Pacific Regions
The expansion will enable deep customer relationships and enhance local customer support through local field application engineering teams while guaranteeing faster order fulfillment to Ouster’s growing worldwide customer base. (Source: Business Wire)

30 July 2019
Ford acquires Quantum Signal to bolster autonomous car effort
Ford purchased Quantum Signal, the 20-year-old company behind computer-generated environments used by militaries to test unmanned remote and autonomous systems. 

24 July 2019
Velodyne Lidar acquires for ADAS launch; mapping and localization software
Mapper technology will enable Velodyne to accelerate the development of Vella, software that establishes its directional view Velarray lidar sensor. 

23 July 2019
Lyft opens to the public autonomous driving data set from its Level 5 self-driving fleet
The Lyft is offering to the public a set of autonomous driving data that it calls the “largest public data set of its kind,” containing over 55,000 3D frames of captured footage hand-labeled by human reviewers etc.

19 July 2019
After Baidu tie-up, BMW taps Tencent for autonomous driving in China
The Chinese tech giant Tencent, which is best known for WeChat, runs an expanding cloud computing business. BMW has been working with Baidu, the country’s largest search engine provider with a growing list of artificial intelligence initiatives, on automated driving since 2014. 

19 July 2019
Baidu unveils its camera-based Apollo Lite self-driving suite
A system like Apollo Lite is appealing for automakers and developers because of the inherently low cost of a camera-based system compared with a system with multiple lidar sensors, but it seems unlikely at this point that it would ever be the sole basis of a fully Level 5 autonomous vehicle. 

18 July 2019
Samsung Electronics to Strengthen its Neural Processing Capabilities for Future AI Applications
Samsung Electronics, today announced that it will strengthen its neural processing unit (NPU) capabilities to further extend the reach of its artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. 

12 July 2019
VW invests $2.6 billion in self-driving startup Argo AI as part of Ford alliance
German automotive technology supplier Continental has launched a range of new ‘production-ready’ systems that are ready for customers developing driverless mobility systems such as autonomous shuttle buses or ‘robo-taxis’. 

10 July 2019
Continental develops ‘production-ready’ systems for automated vehicles
German automotive technology supplier Continental has launched a range of new ‘production-ready’ systems that are ready for customers developing driverless mobility systems such as autonomous shuttle buses or ‘robo-taxis’. 

4 July 2019
Baidu sees profit in curing Chinese drivers’ parking headache
The self-parking service is expected to generate near-term revenue for Baidu before fully autonomous cars hit the road, which analysts do not expect to occur for at least a decade. 

4 July 2019
BMW and Daimler partner on autonomous driving, first results of team-up in the market by 2024
BMW/Daimler partnership includes developing automated driving technologies that precede Level 4, too, including advanced driver assistance features like smart cruise control and automated parking.

27 June 2019
Waymo makes autonomous vehicles available to Lyft riders
Waymo has officially expanded its reach and is now making some of its self-driving minivans available for customers of ride-share firm Lyft. 

26 June 2019
Dynamic Map Platform Completes Acquisition of Ushr, Inc.
DMP will hereby add Ushr as a group company and will begin to provide high definition 3D digital maps (“HD Maps”) of 15cm absolute accuracy and <1cm relative accuracy to a wide range of users, not only in the Japanese market but also in the North American market. 

20 June 2019
California has let two Chinese startups offer robotaxis to the public
China’s autonomous cars are coming for passengers in the United States. AutoX and just became the first Chinese companies allowed to offer robotaxis in the state of California. 

19 June 2019
Geely is turning to Zenuity as its self-driving software supplier
China-based Zhejiang Geely Holdings is tapping Zenuity,  the joint venture between Volvo and Swedish technology company Veoneer, as its preferred driver assistance and autonomous vehicle software supplier for its range of car brands.          

18 June 2019
Volvo Group and Nvidia team up to produce an AI platform for autonomous trucks
Nvidia is positioning itself to be a major player in autonomous vehicle development. It’s announcing yet another partnership with Volvo Trucks that will leverage its strengths.

12 June 2019
VW’s partnership with self-driving car startup Aurora has ended
A partnership between Volkswagen and self-driving vehicle startup Aurora has ended. Aurora, a nearly three-year-old startup that has raised $530 million, develops and supplies the “full-stack solution” for self-driving vehicles. 

12 June 2019
Keolis and Ericsson reveal 5G enabled autonomous vehicles at UITP 2019
In the context of a growing autonomous vehicle market, Keolis is collaborating with Ericsson, a leader in mobile networks, to use 5G technology to remotely control and supervise autonomous vehicle fleets. 

11 June 2019
With New Partnership, Fiat Chrysler’s Autonomous Vehicle Strategy Takes Shape
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles this week announced that it’s partnering with Aurora, a self-driving vehicle technology company, to develop autonomous vehicles. 

10 June 2019
ANSYS & BMW Group partner to jointly create the industry’s first simulation tool chain for autonomous driving
BMW Group is leveraging ANSYS’ broad pervasive engineering simulation solutions and experience to speed up the development of a safety-focused solution for the­­ validation of AD systems. 

30 May 2019
Lyft investors are banking on self-driving cars, not ride-sharing
Lyft became the first ride-hailing app to go public on Friday, skyrocketing to a $23.4 billion valuation. 

25 May 2019
Lidar startup Ouster raises $60 million in production run-up
Ouster has raised $60 million as it opens a new facility that will have the capacity to assemble and ship several thousand sensors a month by the end of 2019. 

24 May 2019
Siemens Unveils Simulation Tool for Testing of Autonomous Vehicles
Siemens AG rolled out a simulation tool that could help automakers reduce the vast number of physical test miles required for the validation of autonomous vehicles. 

23 May 2019
SK Telecom and Seoul government to install 5G ADAS on buses and cabs
SK Telecom and Seoul metropolitan government will install 5G-enabled Advanced Driver Assistance Systems on buses and cabs to develop a real-time HD map for use in autonomous vehicles.

15 May 2019
Driverless electric truck starts deliveries on Swedish public road
A driverless electric truck began daily freight deliveries on a public road in Sweden on Wednesday, in what developer Einride and logistics customer DB Schenker described as a world first

7 May 2019
GM’s self-driving division Cruise raises another $1.15 billion
Post-money valuation is now $19 billion

4 May 2019
Why Tesla is taking a different approach to self-driving cars
“The two main crutches that should not be used — and, in retrospect, will be obviously false and foolish — are Lidar and HD maps. Mark my words,” the Tesla chief executive said recently. 

22 April 2019
NVIDIA’s End-to-End Autonomous Vehicle solution is a huge opportunity
NVIDIA is a leader in the autonomous driving market with its advanced end-to-end solutions.  NVIDIA has expanded its autonomous driving market to include trucks, mobility services, and even construction and industrial vehicles like forklifts. 

19 April 2019
Uber ATG gets $1B to accelerate toward self-driving car production
Toyota Motor Corp., DENSO Corp., and the SoftBank Vision Fund announced a $1 billion investment in Uber Technology Inc.’s Advanced Technologies Group, which is developing self-driving vehicles. 

17 April 2019
Aeva will supply lidar sensors to Audi’s autonomous driving division
In just over a year, Aeva has raised over $45 million in funding and attracted Canaan (an early investor in PrimeSense) as an investor. It has an automotive partner in Autonomous Intelligent Driving (AID), Audi’s wholly-owned self-driving R&D subsidiary and the “center of excellence” for Volkswagen Group’s AV technologies.

15 April 2019
VW says China to become a global software development hub for autonomous tech
Volkswagen will use Chinese software developers to help design a global autonomous vehicle architecture thanks to the prevalence of qualified programmers which carmakers are struggling to hire elsewhere, senior executives said on Monday.    

14 April 2019
Tesla is raising the price of its full self-driving option
 Musk tweeted that the price of its full self-driving option will “increase substantially over time” beginning May 1.              

12 April 2019
ZF introduces coPILOT system for next-gen ADAS powered by ZF ProAI and NVIDIA DRIVE; “Level 2+” system
ZF announced ZF coPILOT, an intelligent advanced driver assistance system leading to enhanced safety and driving comfort opportunities. (Source: Green Car Conference)

27 March 2019
BMW Builds its Own IT Platform to Process Data From its Autonomous Vehicles
Self-driving vehicles generate terabytes of data, which need to be analyzed during the development process. The challenge for automakers is how to sort and analyze all of this data so it can be used more efficiently for self-driving vehicles. To address this problem, BMW is built its own IT platform it calls D3

20 March 2019
Ford to build a new factory in Michigan for autonomous vehicles
Ford is building a new plant in Michigan for autonomous vehicles as the company realigns some factories to focus on its future lineup of self-driving and electric cars.

19 March 2019
Hyundai and Yandex sign deal to develop self-driving car tech
Russia’s top technology company Yandex has signed a deal with South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Group to develop self-driving car technologies.

18 March 2019
Toyota first customer for Nvidia’s new AV simulation platform
Computing company Nvidia said its Drive Constellation virtual proving ground is now available for customers. The first user of the open platform will be the Toyota Research Institute. 

13 March 2019
GM Cruise to double its autonomous-car team to meet robo-taxi goal
GM announced this week it will double its AV team by the end of 2019, adding 1.000 workers to reach its objective of launching a Robo-taxi before the end of the year. 

12 March 2019
Uber’s self-driving car unit was burning $20 million a month
In the run up to its IPO, court filing regarding Uber contentious with Waymo reveals new details of Uber’s huge spending and equally huge ambitions: in 2016, Uber thought it would have 75,000 autonomous vehicles on the roads this year and be operating driverless taxi services in 13 cities by 2022.

8 March 2019
Why Waymo Is Selling Its Autonomous Driving Sensors
Waymo will start selling its own Lidar sensors to help drive down production costs. According to the company, it’s already in talks with dozens of potential customers.

5 March 2019
Volkswagen’s head of commercial vehicles says driverless vehicles have limited appeal and high cost
Thomas Sedran (Volkswagen’s head of commercial vehicles) says autonomous vehicles will take at least another five years to perfect, with the cost and complexity of rolling out the technology globally serving to undermine the business case.

28 February 2019
Pronto promises level 2 system to fleets in 2019, a new company co-founded by the creator of Otto, plans to make its “Copilot” Level 2 automated software and driver monitoring system available to fleets later this year. 

28th February 2019 looks for a buyer
Silicon Valley self-driving car technology startup is apparently on the market and looking for a buyer, according to an unconfirmed report.

21st February 2019
RIDOT Begins Testing for Autonomous Vehicle Pilot Project
The vehicles are being tested this week on low-volume roads in the park as the beginning phase of a pilot project scheduled to launch in Providence in the spring of 2019

20th February 2019
Apple sheds light on safety of its AV program
The company said it required a safety driver and an operator in the front seats of its vehicles whenever they’re operating in automated mode.

19th February 2019
HD Maps: Moving Towards a New Safety Standard in Autonomous Driving
The most important considerations while looking at the future of HD maps are: the impact of speed,   quality and cost

18th February 2019
New simulator to aid autonomous vehicle development
The Advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator (aVDS) provides the organisation with essential driver-in-the-loop testing capabilities, for developing vehicle dynamics, ride handling, ergonomics, driver behaviour, powertrain refinement and more.

18th February 2019
Analysis: California Self-Driving Reports Indicate Where We Are in Journey
Waymo and GM lead the market whereas several players such as Bosch, Samsung have also filed for self-driving reports.

18th February 2019
Singapore ranks second globally in Autonomous Vehicle Readiness report
Singapore ranked number one in the criteria such as government, infrastructure and consumer acceptance. It is only second to Netherlands. While China ranks extremely low at number 20.

14th February 2019
Giving keener “electric eyesight” to autonomous vehicles
MIT researchers have developed a sub-terahertz-radiation receiving system that could help steer driverless cars when traditional methods fail

14th February 2019
Canada is handing BlackBerry $40 million to help it develop self-driving car technology
The company is putting $300 million of its own money into the initiative, expected to create 800 jobs over the next decade

13th February 2019
Self-driving tractor-trailer start-up TuSimple achieves unicorn status in funding round that values it at $1 billion
Autonomous trucking company TuSimple has achieved unicorn status on Wall Street with a fresh funding round that values the start-up at $1 billion.

12 February 2019
Sensor, Processor innovations move autonomous vehicle forward
A very interesting article detailing the new age sensors and processors technologies.

11 February 2019
Why Uber’s largest investor just plowed almost $1 Billion into autonomous vehicle startup Nuro
The Japan-based SoftBank (Uber’s largest shareholder) is investing $940 million into the robotic delivery startup Nuro. This pushes the company’s valuation to $2.7 billion. Nuro is working on a pilot program with Kroger to move goods between shoppers and a few of the grocery’s giants 2,800 stores in 35 states.

8 February 2019
Amazon, Sequoia invest in self-driving car startup Aurora
Aurora has raised more than $530 m in a series B round led by Sequoia Capital and boasts of strategic interest from Amazon. Lightspeed Venture Partners, Geodesic, Shell Ventures and Reinvent Capital are also participating in the round with the previous round funders Greylock and Index ventures. Net worth of Aurora is estimated to be $2.5 Billion.

5 February 2019
Nissan-Renault alliance to join Google on self-driving cars
The alliance and Waymo will cooperate in MaaS. Possibilities include developing a fleet of driverless taxis using Nissan vehicles and a system that handles reservations and payments.

5 February 2019
Ike raises $52m for self-driving trucks
In a series A financing round led by Bain Capital Ventures, with participation from Redpoint Ventures, Fontinalis Partners, Basis set ventures and Neo have raised $52m. The noteworthy thing about the start up is that rather than developing an in-house driverless solution, it is licensing autonomous delivery company Nuro’s localisation, perception, prediction and planning software.

25 January 2019
VW, BMW and Daimler hold talks on cooperation in self-driving cars
Industry-wide collaborations on self-driving cars between OEMS and suppliers are arising to reduce costs. Major parts suppliers including Bosch, Continental and ZF are also known to be taking part. Another major reason for such a joint venture is to standardise safety measures across the industry and to enable all autonomous vehicles to communicate in an understandable language.

25 January 2019
Waymo to build self-driving cars in Michigan
This new facility will be dedicated for the mass production of level 4 autonomous vehicles. These vehicles will be used for Waymo’s ride hailing services business and the auto supplier used for the purpose of installing Waymo self driving system in vehicles manufactured by others will be Magna international. In addition to private investments of US$13.6m, it has attracted US$8m in funding from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

13 January 2019
Daimler invests over $570 in AV truck innovation
At CES, Daimler AG announced an investment of over $570 million towards the company’s goal of continuing to lead innovation around creating the next generation of SAE Level 4 highly automated trucks. The company plans to add over 200 jobs to their global operations to ensure their continued success in the the self-driving category.

10 January 2019
UK Government gives go-ahead for 3 new AV trials
The Government has given the go-ahead for three new trials of self-driving vehicles, which are expected to reach UK roads by 2021.

10 January 2019
Baidu announces own platform for mass-produced AVs
Baidu has announced the launch of Appollo Enterprise, an open-source AV technology platform. The company claims that Apollo is already used by 130 partners around the world. One of its newest partners, Chinese electric vehicle startup WM Motors, plans to deploy level 3 autonomous vehicles by 2021.

4 January 2019
TomTom works with DENSO to create AV software platform
TomTom, which specializes in location technology, has announced that it will work with DENSO—a global automotive components manufacturer— on its software platform for autonomous vehicles.
The companies will develop a complete autonomous driving system by combing TomTom’s High Definition (HD) Map with DENSO in-vehicle sensors such as cameras and radars to power the localization, perception and path planning functions for the system.

30 November
GM president to lead Cruise
Ammann will help drive the commercialisation of self-driving tech

16 November 2018
VW to invest €44 billion on EVs, AVs by 2023
Volkswagen Group on Friday said it will spend 44 billion euros ($50.2 billion) on electric vehicles, digitalization, autonomous driving and new mobility services by 2023.

13 November 2018
Waymo to roll out public AV taxi service in December
Waymo, the secretive subsidiary of Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., is planning to launch the world’s first commercial driverless car service in early December, according to a person familiar with the plans. It will operate under a new brand and compete directly with Uber and Lyft. 

8 November 2018/
Bosch and Daimler target San José to become pilot city for AV ride-hailing service
Located on the southern shore of San Francisco Bay in Silicon Valley, and with more than one million inhabitants, San José is the third biggest city in California. It is planned to be the pilot city for trials, targeted to begin during the second half of 2019

1 November 2018
Volvo Cars and Baidu join forces to develop and manufacture AVs
Volvo Cars has reached an agreement with Baidu, the leading Chinese internet search provider, to jointly develop electric and fully autonomous drive-compatible cars with the aim of mass producing them for China, the largest car market in the world.

1 November 2018
Ford and Baidu announce two-year joint AV test project in China
Ford Motor Company and Baidu Inc. have announced a two-year joint autonomous vehicle test project in which they’ll work together to further advance the development and on-road testing of autonomous vehicles in China.

1 November 2018
Ford and VW consider wide partnership
The Volkswagen Group and Ford Motor are discussing a wide-ranging partnership that stands to change the German industry. 

31 October 201
Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi becomes lead investor in Chinese AV company
Alliance Ventures, the strategic venture capital arm of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, has become the lead strategic investor of (formerly, China’s leading autonomous driving company focused on Level 4 (L4) self-driving technology, following completion of the company’s Series A funding.

24 October 2018
GM’s Cruise expectations hit speed bump
Those expectations are now hitting speed bumps, according to interviews with eight current and former GM and Cruise employees and executives, along with nine autonomous vehicle technology experts familiar with Cruise. These sources say that some unexpected technical challenges – including the difficulty that Cruise cars have identifying whether objects are in motion – mean putting GM’s driverless cars on the road in a large scale way in 2019 is looking highly unlikely.”

19 October
Drivers are being given “dangerous” false impressions of what the latest automated driver assist systems are capable of.
Nissan has confirmed to the company that it will start calling these features “assist systems” and will stop using the words “autonomous” or “automated”

16 October 2018
Israeli startup VAYAVISION raises $8 million for its autonomous vehicle perception system
Tel Aviv-based startup VAYAVISION that works on raw data fusion and perception systems for self-driving vehicles has landed an $8 million funding round led by Viola Ventures, Mizmaa Ventures, and OurCrowd with strategic investment from Mitsubishi UFJ Capital and LG Electronics. 

8 October 2018
Honda buys a stake in GM’s Cruise
Cruise, which GM acquired in 2016, now has the backing of a renowned technology investment firm and a rival automaker, Honda Motor Co., which last week agreed to invest $2.75 billion in Cruise over the next 12 years. That includes an immediate $750 million infusion for a 5.7 percent stake in the company.

27 September 2018
Nokia’s specialist and others argue 5G is needed for AVs
A BBC story on the necessity of 5G networks for AVs – for and against.

26 September 2018
Softbank’s ARM unveils dedicated chip design for autonomous car
British chip designer ARM has introduced the first chip for AVs. It expects the first cars using the processor to hit the roads in 2020.

16 September 2018
BMW drives to cut battery costs, open to AV partnership
German luxury vehicle maker BMW AG plans more deals with mining companies to secure electric vehicle battery materials, and is open to forming alliances to share the costs of developing autonomous-vehicle systems, the automaker’s research and development chief told Reuters.

4 September 2018
46 corporations working on AVs
CB Insights’ profiles of 46 companies working on autonomous vehicles (updated 9/4/2018).

30 August 2018
Waymo’s AVs struggle to understand intersections, frustrate Arizonians
One of the largest frustrations expressed by residents in Arizona about Waymo’s AVs is  their inability to cross a standard T-intersections

28 August 2018
Toyota invests $500m in Uber as part of AV partnership
Toyota is investing $500 million in ride-sharing giant Uber for the development of self-driving vehicle technologies as part of a wider partnership between the pair. Toyota said Uber will be integrating its self-driving technology with its own automated safety support system, Toyota Guardian, for purpose-built vehicles for deployment on Uber’s network, beginning with pilots in 2021.

24 August 2018
Waymo sets up shop in shanghai
Waymo is setting up shop in Shanghai, according to a filing with China’s National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System. The new subsidiary, with 3.5 million yuan ($508,000) in registered capital, will design and test autonomous vehicle products and parts and may also handle business consultancy and supply chain management and logistics inquiries, the filing said.

14 August 2018
China issues its first national standards for testing of AVs
China has deployed a set of national standards for testing smart autonomous cars on roads, which is expected to accelerate the technology’s development. Approximately 12 regional governments have previously issued their guidelines on the road testing of autonomous vehicles, with the first released in Beijing in December 2017, however this is the first set at a national level.

14 August 2018
Bosch invests in Autonomous driving map startup DeepMap
Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH (RBVC), the venture capital arm of global automotive parts supplier Bosch Group, has completed an investment in mapping startup DeepMap Inc, a start-up based in Palo Alto, California that is building high definition maps specifically for self-driving vehicles.

9 August 2018
The Insurance institute for Highway safety developing rating program for ADAS features
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is in the process of developing a ratings program for adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping systems, and other advanced driver assistance systems.

4 August 2018
Apple Invents an Augmented Reality Windshield
An European Patent application from Apple describes a future reality windshield system and how occupants of an autonomous vehicle having a FaceTimes session can use the windshield.

18 December 2017
Beijing announced the first regulation regarding autonomous driving
December 18, Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport released “Guiding Opinions of Beijing Municipality on Accelerating Road Testing of Autonomous Vehicles (Trial Implementation)” and “Detailed Rules for the Administration of Testing and Management of Autonomous Vehicles in Beijing (Trial) “. These are the first regulations regarding autonomous driving in China. The regulations provide definitions of autonomous vehicles and explain the details on testing AVs such as there must be a human driving inside when testing and the vehicle must be equipped with devices to record the 60s before any accident happens .
Soon afterwards,  traffic management departments will launch the first test roads that can be used for autonomous driving tests.

10 October 2017
GM acquires LIDAR technology company Strobe
General Motors has acquired LIDAR technology company Strobe, which will join GM’s Cruise Automation team focused on developing and deploying self-driving vehicles. This follows Ford’s prior investment in major LIDAR manufacturer Velodyne. Google’s Waymo is also said to be manufacturing their own LIDAR devices.

18 September 2017
Automated System regulation 2.0 gives more freedom to OEMs to experiment
The new US guideline on autonomous vehicle is now much thinner (from 200 to 35 pages) and gives the OEMs exactly what they wanted. They are now entirely voluntary, including on safety. The ethics decision issue is also gone from the text. This should accelerate AV production further in the US, leaving Europe trailing … but at what cost?

11 July 2017
Audi launches controversial new self-driving car
Audi has launched the most advanced self-driving car available on the roads, in spite of warnings from across the industry that a system that allows owners to take their eyes off the road for prolonged periods of time is fundamentally unsafe. The Volkswagen-owned brand unveiled its new flagship A8 saloon on Tuesday, a vehicle that will spearhead the company’s attempts to reclaim the technological lead over arch rivals BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The most eye-catching feature of the car allows drivers to sit back and watch television while the vehicle drives itself at speeds of up to 60km per hour in heavy traffic.
This purports to be the first mass production, truly level 3 car. In our Autonomous Vehicle Global Study we have studied, at length, the problems with driver re-engagement and the barriers this may place on level 3 technology. At this stage, it is unclear how Audi plans to handle the re-engagement challenge.

10 July 2017
Waberer’s International launches deal with Volvo Group on driverless trucks
Waberer’s International predict wave of consolidation across the European CRT industry and declares itself “prepared for the sift to driverless technology” following announcement of IPO and autonomous partnership with Volvo Group.

14 May 2017
Delphi joins BMW-Intel-Mobileye autonomous car partnership
Delphi provided a prototype computing platform that melds sensors, artificial intelligence and other computers. Interesting to see that the system and to an extend the partnership, is not focused solely on producing autonomous BMW, other OEMs are expected to join in. Here is an helicopter view of the AV market and the partnerships from the AV Global Study.

14 May 2017
Lyft just agreed a tie up with Waymo for self driving mobility
So GM, who has invested half a billion in Lyft will now have to choose between using its own platform (in development) or use the Waymo (much more advanced) platform. More likely advance both in parallel…

13 May 2017
Germany passes legislation to enable autonomous vehicles 
The German government just legalised autonomous cars, but not driverless cars. A driver must be able to take back control at any time. Also it gave the OEM the liability but only if the driver did not re-engage and demand a black box to record data about the nature of the driving.

10 May 2017
Toyota will use Nvidia’s autonomous platform
NVidia adds a new manufacturer to the list of auto makers working with the Drive PX platform and Xavier AI brain.

25 April 2017
Nissan Joins VW and BMW on Mobileye Mapping for Autonomous Driving
Nissan agreed to share information that will be merged with other carmakers’ data to create High Definition maps of drivable paths and landmarks for future driverless cars.

25 April 2017
Waymo starts autonomous taxi public service in Phoenix
Waymo goes ahead before Uber and launches a public service trial in Arizona. Also announces 500 more cars.

19 April 2017
Baidu expected to release a free OS for autonomous Cars
Like Android released in 2008 and then became the most popular smartphone OS, Baidu is releasing the OS for free but some mapping and machine-learning services will be accessible through an API controlled by Baidu.

13 April 2017
Germany approves Level 4 automation – with caveats
The Bundestag voted for a change in the traffic law to allow for high automation but leaves the liability to the driver.

15 March, 2017
Bosch announce partnership with NVIDIA
Following announcements at CES, Bosch are building AI based car computers with NVIDIA for l4 autonomy

13 March 2017
Intel acquires Mobileye for $15.3 Billion

6 January 2017
Audi Is Using Nvidia Tech to Bring Self-Driving Cars to Market by 2020
German automaker Audi (AUDVF, -0.48%) will use U.S. chipmaker Nvidia’s (NVDA, -1.05%) artificial intelligence computing platform to bring autonomous vehicles to the road by 2020, the companies announced Wednesday night at CES, the annual consumer electronics show in Las Vegas.

4January 2017
BMW, Intel, and Mobileye will have self-driving cars on the road later this year
Today, BMW, Intel, and Mobileye announced their intention to deploy 40 autonomous vehicles for testing on public roads in the second half of 2017. The cars — BMW 7 series equipped with Intel and Mobileye technology — will be on the roads in both the US and Europe for public trials, the companies say.

13 December 2016
Mobileye installs anti-crash tech on NYC cars
Together with insurer Atlas Financial Holdings, Inc., Mobileye said, it has equipped thousands of New York City-based rideshare vehicles, such as those available through popular apps including Uber and Lyft, with advanced collision avoidance systems that aim to prevent accidents.

13 December 2016
Allstate partners with Stanford University on autonomous vehicle research
Allstate is working with Intelligent Systems Laboratory at Stanford to build an understanding of the implications of connected cars and autonomous vehicles.

13 December 2016
Google Said to Plan Ride-Sharing Service With Fiat Chrysler.
Google parent Alphabet Inc. plans to start a ride-sharing service with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NA’s minivans as part of a reorganization of the tech company’s automotive unit, people familiar with the matter said.

9 December 2016
Michigan passes new laws to set up the Autonomous market in the state.
The new regulations allow for testing and deployment of on-demand networks of self-driving vehicles as well as the eventual sale of self-driving cars to consumers.

6 December 2016
Pennsylvania Unveils Guidelines for Autonomous VehiclesPennDot have put forward recommendations for legislation to go forward to allow control over autonomous testing to be handed to the PenDott. The aim of this is to allow and encourage manufacturers to test their autonomous vehicles in Pennsylvania, with a focus on innovation around driverless vehicles. Currently policy for HAV only applies to vehicles of which control can be taken by a driver at any time.

5 December 2016
Cadillac is out of the HAV race
Supercruise will be a big part of GM’s strategy towards automation and the tech launch has been delayed because of issue of “integration”. Cadillac will have super cruise but the company has declared itself out of the race on HAV – stating it was not in their strategy or in their customer segment’s interest. Finally a company that states it won’t follow the rush! Correction: Cadillac showed off supercruise in April 2017

5 December 2016
Apple reveals plans for self driving car
Also mentioned in the letter is Apple’s agreement with the standards that companies should share de-identified scenario and dynamics data from crashes and near misses, including time-series of vehicle kinematics and roadway and object characteristics.
Apple has written a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration asking for the government to help “new entrants” to the vehicle market to have “the same opportunity” that “established manufacturers have when it comes to testing on public roads. By this, Apple is requesting for the NHTSA to expedite the exemptions requests needed to test vehicles. Congress recently enacted provision in the FAST (Fixing America’s Surface Transportation) Act for established manufacturers to test on public roads without needing exemptions in the FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards). Apple rogue that this should be extended to new entrants.

22 November 2016
UK Insurance Association Calls for International Crash Data Standards for Autonomous Vehicles
Association and Thatcham are lobbying for international standards to be set for all crashes occurring with an Autonomous Vehicle. This would include an indication of whether the vehicle was operating autonomously or not and what technology was in use.

11 October 2016
Infineon acquire Innoluce BV
Infineon bought the chipset makers to strengthen its ability to produce Lidars

30 September 2016
Government Takes Another Step Forward Towards a Self-Driving Era
Korean government supports autonomous vehicles development through increased testing, commitment to AV commercialisation by 2020 and through standardisation of frequency bandwidth.

23 September 2016
Uber rival Grab partners with driverless car firm in Singapore
Grab and nuTonomy have reached an agreement to allow riders to book a ride using an autonomous vehicle in Singapore. nuTonomy hopes to have 100 commercially available AVs by 2018 and a dozen by the end of 2016. At first, an engineer will also be present in the car to monitor the environment and take over the driving task if the ride takes the vehicle outside the one-north district.

21 September 2016
Germany to create world’s first highway code for driverless cars
Three things are laid out:
1. A car will always opt for property damage over personal injury
2. An AV system will never distinguish between humans based on categories such as age or race
3. If human removes hands from steering wheel, the car manufacturer is liable

6 September 2016
Sweden’s Volvo, Autolive hook up in driverless-car race
The two companies are joining forces to develop a software for the autonomous vehicle market. First assistance systems are expected to be available for sale by 2019 and automated driving technology by 2021. Auto-live has traditionally been a supplier of safety belts and air bags, but is growing its product lines ranging from camera, sensors, radars, mapping, and other assistance systems.

2 September 2016
France rolls out ‘world’s first’ driverless buses
Two electric vehicles will be shuttling a maximum of 15 passengers during a test trial of one year in Lyon, France. The buses have a top speed of 20km/hr and will be making 10 stops. Buses are manufactured by Navya, prototypes were tested in 2013 and trial begins in 2015 (about 2-3 years from prototype to road testing).

1st September 2016
Baidu and Nvidia team up to work on artificial intelligence for self driving car
Title tells most of the story. Another interesting point is that earlier this week, Baidu received approval from the California Department of Motor Vehicle to start testing autonomous vehicles in public roads.

1st September, 2016
French-made Driverless bus trial in South Perth, an Australian first
The vehicle is considered level four. It can carry 11 passengers and travel at up to 45km per hour, although its average speed will be 25kph. It will travel down a pre-programmed route on the foreshore, but it has the ability to detect other vehicles and read traffic lights.

1st September, 2016
Driverless vehicle on trial in Downtown Dubai
The strategy aims at switching 25 per cent of total mobility in Dubai to driverless journeys using various transit means by 2030. Capable of moving at a speed of up to 40km/h, EZ10 cruises at 25km/h and is ideal in pedestrian areas and dedicated cycle lanes. The vehicle is also special needs-friendly, with a movable ramp allowing access to wheelchair-bound passengers.

31st August 2016
Tesla starts the new InsureMyTesla plans in Australia and Hong Kong, hinting towards entering into the industry
Tesla’s insurance programs will be underwritten by AXA in Hong Kong and QBE in Australia. Tesla is getting more involved because owners have been paying too much for insurance due to insurers incorrectly listing the Model S’s trim levels. Insurers are also not yet able to properly insure cars that receive software updates. The insurance is in the pilot stage only.

30 August 2016 uses deep learning to teach self-driving cars and to give them a voice is working on a platform that will allow cars to communicate more effectively with pedestrians outside of the car.

29 August 2016
Russia’s search giant, Yandex, is making a self-driving shuttle bus
It’s partnering with Daimler, truck maker Kamaz and government-backed researchers at NAMI on an autonomous shuttle bus that could carry up to 12 people and travel about 124 miles on a charge. Yandex is contributing its experiences with artificial intelligence, computer vision and voice recognition, and it’ll even be central to the interface — you’ll use a Yandex-linked mobile app to pinpoint your destination.

28 August 2016
Low-cost precise positioning for automated vehicles
Discusses the technology and viability of GNSS positioning systems that could help cars stay in lanes even in harsh weather conditions. Accuracy can be up to the centimetre. Very technical writing – could be useful during potential during CNES project.

25 August 2016
Self-driving taxis hit the road in Singapore
Singapore has claimed a head-start in the global race to deploy self-driving cars with the launch the world’s first public trial of a robe-taxi service. The trial allows selected members of the public to use a smartphone app to hail a free ride in autonomous cars operated by autonomy. The passengers, traveling either in a specially configured Renault Zoe or Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric vehicle, will be accompanied by one of the company’s engineers, who can take control of the vehicle if necessary.

23 August 2016
Mobileye and Delphi Join to Produce Self-Driving System by Late 2019
A new technology partnership between top auto suppliers Mobileye and Delphi automotivee could pull ahead production of self-driving cars to late 2019. They plan to begin a turn-key system for self-driving cars early next year.

23 August 2016
BMW to launch its first full autonomous vehicle iNext in China
BMW announced its latest plans to build cars in the preparation for launching its first fully autonomous vehicles in China in 2021. BMW will work with technology giants Intel and Isreali manufacturer Mobileye to make iNext a fully autonomous vehicle./
Uber’s autopilot car will hit the road soon, and will roll out self-driving taxi services in the US by the end of the month

  • Velodyne LiDAR has accept a joint venture investment of $150 million (50/50) by Baidu and Ford. This investment will help Velodyne LiDAR improve the design and performance as well as to reduce the cost of its lidar products.
  • On August 18, Uber has announced the acquisition of autonomous truck start-up company Otto. Getting a share of the freight revenues, Uber will obtain a very predictable source of revenues.
  • Uber will roll out the self-driving Uber Taxi service in the US by the end of the month. Starting from later this month, Uber will allow consumers to hail a self-driving taxi in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania using the Uber app. These self-driving taxis are a modified version of Volvo XC90 SUV, equipped with dozens of sensors and cameras, Lidar and GPS signal receiver.

22 August 2016
Volvo cars and Uber join forces to develop autonomous driving cars

17 August 2016
Macrolink Group made a $50 million strategic investment in LeSEE.
The investment made by Macrolink Group will help LeSEE push further in its development in autonomous vehicle, with the support from its technology provider Faraday Future.

2nd August 2016
Delphi surpasses Uber on providing autopilot taxi services
Delphi announced that it will need to implement on-demand autopilot taxi services, with three-year polio scheme in Singapore. With first year dedicated to related construction, Delphi will roll out vehicle road test on the second year. Delphi hopes to offer services including communication systems for autonomous vehicles and control systems, transportation and cloud services – a wholistic ecosystem.

28 July 2016
China clears road for Uber to operate legally
China issued nationwide ride-hailing regulations, making it the largest country to formally legalise the sector at a national level. Provisions in the previous draft – forcing Uber and Didi to operate like traditional taxi companies – have been struck from the final version, although local governments are allowed to set minimum and maximum fare prices.

28 July 2016
Nissan’s new Serena ProPILOT technology makes autonomous drive first for Japanese automakers
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. announced today that the new Serena, scheduled to go on sale in Japan in late August, will come equipped with the company’s ProPILOT autonomous drive technology, offering convenience and peace of mind during highway mobility. ProPILOT is a revolutionary autonomous drive technology designed for highway use in single-lane traffic. ProPILOT will be introduced into other vehicles, including the Qashqai in Europe in 2017. There are also plans for the technology to be introduced in the U.S. and China markets.

28 July 2016
Mobileye will stop providing technical support on ADAS Autopilot to Tesl
Mobileye wants to be more involved with how its technology is deployed and Tesla refused to grant this permission. Mobileye is setting its sights more on fully autonomous vehicles in order to avoid the complications with driver handoff. EyeQ4 will improve on angle collision situations.
Mobileye will not extend the contract with Tesla beyond EyeQ3 product. Mobileye will continue the support and maintain of the current Autopilot with Tesla, including safety function upgrades, but this will not include hardware upgrades. Mobileye will introduce EyeQ4 in 2018.

More here.

Article discusses the data storage and memory needs for Autonomous vehicles and highlights certain companies that are leading in the data storage space.

20 July 2016
Synopsis new technology acquires new car safety certification
Synopsis announced a new generation of Automatic Test Pattern Generation (ATPG) tool TetraMAX II, which has passed the ISO 26262 automative functional safety standard certification. TetraMAX II can test multiple fault models, and at the same time will reduce to a minimum the cost of test samples and test pattern generation time.

20 July 2016
UK consults on insurance, driving rules for autonomous cars
Britain launches a consultation to change the highway code in order to allow autonomous cars on the road by 2020. Government is showing initiative to remove regulatory barriers for ADAS and are also looking at changing insurance law.

11 July 2016
Aimed at autonomous vehicle, chances of winning for Intel with newly found partnerships
Traditional chip maker Intel has made new progress in the field of autonomous driving: on 1 July 2016, BMW, Intel and Mobileye announced a partnership, aiming for mass production of autonomous vehicles by 2021.

6 July 2016
Uber plans to track driver behaviour through app
Uber plans to monitor driving behaviour like braking, speeding, etc. It will give drivers feedback on their driving behaviours and compare to other Uber drivers in the city. The data will also be used to track driving patterns that can be used for Uber autonomous car ventures. The driving behaviour is not being used specifically for insurance purposes, but shows Uber is finding value in tracking driving behaviour. Could be a step towards UBI.

1st July 2016
Self-driving cars are being tested by their own instructor “Synthia”
“Synthia” is an AI program that creates real world situations for computers to learn how to react to the possible dangers of the road. It is being developed at the Computer Vision Centre in Barcelona, Spain.

24 June 2016
General Motors invests in Canada to develop autonomous technology
General Motors will expand its engineering base in Canada, creating 1000 new jobs and investing $10 million in Ontario for the development of autonomous car technology. Article also mentions the GM acquisition of Cruise Automation, a startup that develops autonomous vehicle technology.

23 June 2016
Can the 2017 Volvo S90 ride safety and self-driving to serious market share?
Article outlines some of the successes and some of the failures with the S90 ACC feature that can actively keep you entered in the lane. Interestingly, Volvo makes almost all ADAS features standard except blind spot recognition and rear cross traffic alert because it deemed these features “non-essential”.

14 June 2016
Investment comes from China Life, China’s largest state-owned commercial insurer.
Didi Chuxing gets $600 million strategic investment from China Life

12 June 2016
Thatcham Research on why European OEMs should follow US on autonomous emergency braking fitment
Interview with representative from Thatcham. Brings some interesting figures: 45% of new cars launched in 2016 have AEB has standard, 5-star safety will no longer be given to vehicles if AEB is not standard. Survey of customers: 70% say safety is an important factor in choosing new car, 82% feel they should not have to pay extra for safety. Highlights issue with dealers not pushing safety features and the problems with a lack of standardisation with the branding of AEB and its level of benefit.

9 June 2016
Uber and Fiat in Discussions to Form a Self-Driving Car Partnership
Very early stage, Uber has been chatting with several automakers. Uber also confirmed it had formed an auto-leasing deal with Toyota

8 June 2016
Adrian flux creates a policy for cars with autonomous features.
They already include standard coverage for autonomous braking but now add new covers like in cases of failure to install vehicle software updates and security patches, satellite failure affecting navigation, failure of the operating system in the vehicle, loss damage for car hacking.

7 June 2016
GM plans to use Mobileye’s technology in the 3 million cars it sells annually.
GM is also working with Mobileye on their REM localisation product which will allow GM to collect 100 million miles of data per day in the US. Another example of “land grabbing” on the part of an OEM trying to get its hands on data. Mobile and GM to collect map data through self-driving cars

2nd June 2016
Alibaba & SAIC to form a joint venture for connected cars
SAIC is China’s largest automotive manufacturer and is partnering with Alibaba to bring the car into the world of the internet. This is viewed as the first step to establish the type of car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure that we will need to deploy fully autonomous vehicles.

2nd June 2016
Michigan moves beyond of testing driverless cars, to allow operation of self-driving car
Michigan is the first state to allow this on the roads. The legislation made in 2013 that allowed the testing of autonomous vehicles was updated to include cars on public roads and without anyone at the wheel.

1st June 2016
Zoox receives funding, crosses US $1 billion in valuation
Zoox is developing its own fully autonomous vehicle from scratch and expects to have a level 4 autonomous taxi ready for public roads as early as 2020.

30 May 2016
Intel buys computer vision startup Itseez to improve navigation in self-driving cars
Itseez is a computer vision and machine learning startup. Intel has also recently purchased Yogitech, another IoT company. Intel announced in March 2016 that they will be shifting business focus to an IoT, connectivity business model. Look out for intel in the automotive space.

26 May 2016
Cheaper, more efficient networks will allow cars to communicate with each other and with surrounding infrastructure and ill accelerate autonomy.
Partnership set to build a LoRaWAN network (long-range wide-area network) the allows objects to communicate with each other over a wireless signal that is more power efficient and cheaper than WiFi, cell networks, and bluetooth. Network will be rolled out throughout South Korea by mid 2016 and is the first country-wide roll-out. Similar network has been tested in Amsterdam (see link)

25 May 2016
Samsung and SK Telecom to launch world’s first nationwide network for the Internet of Things in South Korea
Samsung Electronics  said today that it will partner with SK Telecom to build a LoRaWAN network for the Internet of Things that will cover all of South Korea. The two companies claim that this the world’s first nationwide IoT network.

25 May 2016
NXP wants to set the standard for both self-driving computing and ADAS with BlueBox
NXP reveals its BlueBox technology that is meant to plug into existing cars to give it autonomous functioning. BlueBox is an operating platform that includes sensors and NXP’s semiconductor. The platform is open-sourced and therefore can be customised by car makers – 4 of the largest 5 carmakers are now using BlueBox in their R&D. Power requirement is a bit high, but it is the most integrated system that has been released yet (semiconductor-OS platform-sensors).

23 May 2016
Otto is bringing autonomous driving to American highways
Otto announces intention to bring fully autonomous trucks to highways. They are currently in testing phase near headquarters in California.

19 May 2016
DURA Automotive Systems selects Green Hills Software’s Platform for Advanced Driver Assistance
Green Hills Software was chosen by DURA to supply the software needed to power its automated control systems. DURA is a Tier 1 supplier to the OEMs and GHS specialises in IoT software and has an operating system called INTEGRITY.

18 May 2016
Insurance industry welcomes proposals for driverless car cover
The Modern Transport Bill was announced in the Queen’s speech that extends mandatory cover to include accidents where the driver and a the car are responsible. This is widely seen as the first step towards creating more targeted legislation related to insurance and AVs.

18 May 2016
Mobileye agrees to supply autonomous systems to two more undisclosed car makers in 2019. Mobileye is mentioned as having tied to Volkswagen, Tesla, BMW, and General Motors. They have already signed with GM, Volkswagen and Nissan agreements that allow the company have access to vehicle data.

12 May 2016
Mobility redefined: 4 takeaways from the driverless car summit
Recap of a conference in California. A few quick mentions: Susan Bonilla and her advocacy in Sacramento, California to allow fully autonomous testing at GoMentum Station (AV testbed). Partnership between GoMentum and EasyMile (manufacturer of AVs developing last mile public transport with AVs).

11 May 2016
Mobileye introduces collision avoidance technology in India
Mobileye, which specialises in machines learning, data analytics and mapping for ADAS has introduced a platform that can be used to retrofit almost any vehicle on the road for certain ADAS features like forward collision warning, lane departure warning, pedestrian collision warning, etc. It is now available in India.

11 May 2016
Could Intel pose a threat to NVIDIA’s driverless car business?
Intel has plans to move further into automotive industry, already have chips in BMW, Hyundai. Intel purchased YOGITECH (ADAS expert) in April 2016. NVIDIA is Intel’s competitor and has already developed its own autonomous car computer and platform called Drive PX. NVIDIA also announced the launch of a cloud-based supercomputer (GDX-1) that can greatly enhance how many data points an AV can process per second.

9 May 2016
Deutsche Bahn looking at adding autonomous cars to its mass transit network
Deutsche Bahn is planning on adding a driverless fleet to complete last-mile transportation. The company also has a long term vision of automating their trains and operating them completely from an operations centre.

6 May 2016
Networked “Black Box” Concept for Autonomous Cars Could Have Far-Reaching Implications
Hewlett Packard is developing a Distributed Mesh Computing technology (DMC node) that it hopes will allow cars to communicate with the driver, other vehicles, and municipalities.

5 May 2016
Cars will be able to steer themselves at 81mph on motorways as the era of driverless cars FINALLY arrives in Britain with new United Nations laws
New UN law states that motorists will be able to drive hands free on motorways at 81mph for 3 minutes at a time, starting as soon as 2018.

3 May 2016
Ministers pledge to put Britain at heart of driverless car evolution ahead of landmark trials
Looking ahead to Volvo’s AV trials, 100m GBP have already been raised for research into AV technology. Twenty two different research projects were granted a share of the 20m GBP of government funding to develop ICT between cars and urban infrastructure.

3 May 2016
Google and Fiat Chrysler announce driverless cars deal
Fiat will supply 100 cars for Google to test its driverless technology. In addition, both companies will be free to work with each other to develop driverless technology.

3 May 2016
This top scientist offers a solution for the havoc driverless cars may wreak on workers Baidu
Chief scientist at Baidu makes several suggestions for infrastructure considerations before autonomous cars can be adopted on a wide scale. He proposes a solution to counter unemployment as a result AVs – pay citizens to get education and prepare them for new careers managing AVs.

29 April 2016
Singapore set to roll out driverless pods for public transportation
Public transportation pod that can transport 24 people at 25mph. Later in the year, pods will be tested in campuses and gated communities.


Group of 100 researchers will form a group in Silicon Valley to test, research and develop self-driving vehicles for Baidu.

Baidu sets up an autonomous driving unit in silicon valley



Volvo bringing its Drive Me autonomous program to the UK and will have similar programs running in China and Sweden in 2017. About 100 cars will be deployed in each market.

Volvo is bringing its self-driving cars to London




The partnership will aim to create a universal set of driving laws for AVs to adhere to. They will also present a united front in advocating for policy reform that will make way for AV technology.

Google, Ford, Uber launch coalition to further self-driving cars

Google, Ford, Uber, Volvo, Lyft


Startup completes obstacle course and is set to start testing in city streets in Singapore. Their aim is to be a service provider for driverless Taxis.

Driverless Taxis Will Soon Come to Singapore




Title explains it all.

U.S. Dot and IIHS announce historic commitment of 20 automakers to make automatic emergency braking standard on new vehicles


Cisco announces intent to acquire Jasper




WEpod – First Driverless Passenger Service Arrives




Over €3 billion needed to prepare Spanish roads for driverless cars




Global auto chip market forecast to log solid growth

Market size



Auto Expo 2016 : Novus Drive is India’s very own autonomous, driverless shuttle




AI ‘Drivers’ Gain Same Legal Status as Human Drivers in Autonomous Vehicles, NHTSA




USDOT $98.1 billion fiscal year 2017 budget includes clean transportation, autonomous vehicle pilot funds – See more at:




Google Wins Patent for Autonomous Package-Delivery System


IT firms


Revealed: EVERY car will be driverless by 2050, say motoring experts




How driverless cars could collide with auto insurers




What’s The Best Semi-Autonomous Car You Can Buy Right Now?




Feds give Google’s autonomous vehicles a win: Now about those liability issues




WA to trial driverless shuttle bus




Google gets autonomous delivery patent


IT firms


Google has a clever idea to let its self-driving cars deliver your packages


IT firms


Capturing the semi-autonomous driving opportunity

Market size



Apple supplier ARM gears up for driverless cars




Poll shows Americans are scared of autonomous cars, and for no good reason

Customer acceptance



GM, Volkswagen to use Mobileye auto mapping technology








ABI Research Predicts Growth for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Market in China after 2017, Driving 36% CAGR Revenue Growth through 2020




Why the Future Is Never for Driverless Cars




Voters Aren’t Ready for Driverless Cars, Poll Shows

Customer acceptance



Poll: Majority not ready for driverless cars

Customer acceptance



Semi-Autonomous Cars Compared! Tesla Model S vs. BMW 750i, Infiniti Q50S, and Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG




Why you should buy a driverless car, in 1 chart

Business case



Porsche says no to autonomous cars: ‘One wants to drive a Porsche by oneself’




End of the Road May Be Near for Side Mirrors

Lateral mirrors



Subarus equipped with EyeSight had 60% fewer accidents in Japan


Sorry, Google: California’s self-driving car bill would prioritize unknown rival




2020 Goal Set for 10 Autonomous Renault-Nissan Vehicles




Audi USA boss believes fully autonomous cars are over 10 years away

Audi opinion



Hitachi Automotive to display range of advanced technologies at upcoming Auto Expo 2016




Core Technology Of Autonomous Cars Is A State Monopoly in China


IT firms


Videantis partners with Almalence for higher quality imaging




How driverless cars will transform auto insurance and shift burden onto AI and software




Driverless cars will become like your iPhone: Carmakers

Future ownership



A New Player Is Entering The Driverless Car Race


IT firms


CRASHES AVOIDED Front crash prevention slashes police-reported rear-end crashes




Motor insurers form alliance to tackle driverless cars




Briefing – CES, new playground for the auto industry (Part 1)




Feds approve BMW’s Driverless Self-Parking System




Google looking for carmaker to help it build driverless vehicle


IT firms


No turning back in race to fully autonomous cars

OEMs actions



In effort to reduce auto deaths, Obama pledges $4 billion for self-driving cars




Video: Interview with Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn

Nissan – interview with CEO



Get to Know Mobileye in Just 7 Slides




Four New Models Feature Enhanced Glass, Technology




Diving into driverless vehicle tech (Part 2)




The driverless car that can cope with SNOW: Ford vehicle can see through blizzards and tackle slippery corners




AI will solve the world’s ‘hardest problems’: Google chairman, Eric Schmidt, says robots can tackle overpopulation and climate change




Driverless car poll finds Canadian almost evenly split on issue

Canada acceptance on AV



VW accelerates its driverless car push

M&A Activity



General Motors pledges $500 million to Lyft for driverless taxi research

M&A Activity



Why Google and Ford would want to team up on self-driving cars

Potential partnership



New Genesis G90 flagship promises ‘first class’ experience

South Korea/Genesis



Samsung sets up team to focus on driverless cars




Insurance and Self-Driving Vehicles: more than meets the eye




Lear takes step into autonomous-vehicle systems with deal




PSA prototype on European road trip in autonomous mode




GSI Technology (GSIT) Acquires MikaMonu in $7.5M Deal




Uber’s recent deals expand its autonomous vehicle strategy


Mobility players


Audi recruits Samsung as first member of Progressive SemiConductor Program




Hyundai Motor’s Autonomous Genesis Hits City Roads




Microsoft Is Developing Driverless vehicle Technology With Volvo




Artifical intelligence and deep learning technology race to determine winners and losers in quest for driverless cars



Study: Self-driving cars have higher accident rate




Driverless technology: the race is on




Driverless, electric shuttle bus to be tested on Perth roads




Autonomous car forecasts