Strategy definition

Strategy definition might sound obvious, but it is surprising how often either new entrants, startups or even established players need advice and guidance in the world of mobility. As history often demonstrates, defining and implementing the right strategic approach is essential to success.

A strategy is a set of actions and decisions a company or organisation takes to attain long-term goals and objectives. Strategy, in a nutshell, bridges the gap between where a company is and where it would like to be.

The ecosystem offers innumerable sourcing and partnership opportunities for any procurement need. Using our industry knowledge and partnership expertise, PTOLEMUS helps companies sort through the clutter to generate strategic advantage and reach their goals in order for them to remain competitive in the industry.

We help companies with their strategy definition

  • Clarify business goals
  • Define technical and development requirements
  • Identify potential partners and suppliers
  • Offer-post award support and service

PTOLEMUS’ strategy definition consulting engagements are led by experts in the field of connected mobility who bring deep industry knowledge of sector actors to the assignments, along with a rich knowledge base of strategy best practices. Through their deep industry knowledge, expertise in market research and the competitive landscape, they are able to make well-informed recommendations to companies. Ultimately, PTOLEMUS is able to help companies in creating a successful and winning strategy that will lead them to their long-term goals, respond to changing market conditions, and stay competitive in their industry.
Strategy has several features which need to be remembered:

  • Strategy is important because it is impossible to predict the future. Without perfect foresight, businesses must be prepared to deal with the unpredictable events that make up the business environment.
  • Strategy is concerned with long-term developments in a company rather than ordinary operations.
  • Strategy is developed to account for the possible behaviour of customers and competitors.