Vehicle repair & distribution

Vehicle repair and distribution refers to the network of dealerships and independent agents that offer after-sales products and services to the B2C and B2B segments of the market.

With the emergence of connectivity and big data analytics, the possibility to provide remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance has become a reality. Remote diagnostic technologies provide the ability to collect and analyse real-time data in order to monitor a vehicle’s systems quality and performance. As a result, dealerships and independent agents can generate greater demand by improving customer relationship management through more efficient services in vehicle maintenance, repair automation, service scheduling, and parts sourcing.

Traditionally, after-sales implementations of OBD dongles have been the preferred technology for remote diagnosis; however, other channels such as black boxes and line fitted devices have also been used. Today, vehicle owners have access to this data through the use of apps.

This relatively new market segment creates big opportunities not only for vehicle owners and dealerships, but also for other players throughout the value chain such as device manufactures, telematics service providers (TSPs), data management and in particular for data analytics companies that with the usage of Big Data tools can predict vehicle events. It is also important to consider how OEMs may react to the use of aftermarket devices to provide such services, as they may feel uncomfortable with other players analysing information about their vehicles’ performance.

At PTOLEMUS, we have vast experience in helping our clients manoeuvre and find growth opportunities in this exciting new market segment. In particular, we have:

  • Performed market analysis of remote vehicle diagnostics in Europe, which included estimating market size, profitably, and growth
  • Defined new propositions for TSPs
  • Analysed value proposition of key important players in the segment
  • Built end-to-end processes and implemented the coordination among players to efficiently anticipate vehicle owners’ needs and provide the right servicing
  • Defined the go-to-market strategy for a telematic technology provider in Europe