M&A advisory

PTOLEMUS has a long history in M&A advisory consulting for investors and industry players, helping them to identify, assess, execute and integrate potential investments: Venture capital [ ... ]

Business development

Business development is the creation of long-term value for an organisation from customers, markets, and relationships. And, at PTOLEMUS we have a long history of [ ... ]

Project management

PTOLEMUS Consulting Group has an extensive history of project management delivering over 120 consulting assignments and helping our clients to define their mobility & digital [ ... ]

Strategy definition

Strategy definition might sound obvious, but it is surprising how often either new entrants, startups or even established players need advice and guidance in the [ ... ]

Procurement strategy

Implementing the right procurement strategy is crucial. Companies operating throughout the connected mobility ecosystem have complex value chains involving manufacturers, systems operators, value chain integrators, [ ... ]

Partnership strategy

A partnership strategy is a plan or approach used by a company or organisation to form alliances with other businesses or entities in order to [ ... ]

Market research and forecasting

PTOLEMUS’s custom market research and forecasting services are intended to help companies identify market trends and growth opportunities, developing a competitive strategy based on a [ ... ]