IoT & Connectivity

The deployment of 4G networks (starting from 2009), alongside the ubiquity of smartphones, has created the necessary infrastructure for new advanced IoT services to disrupt most sectors. The introduction of telematics and connectivity has drastically transformed the mobility landscape, with new companies disturbing established markets and traditional companies taking actions not to be left out.

Continuous technical advances and the launch of 5G networks will secure the ongoing transformation impacting all stakeholders.

Indeed, the new wave of cellular technologies is expected to be as impactful as that of the current generation, enabling a wide range of new services and industries. They include autonomous driving, advanced connected cars, massive scale sensors in cities and on roads. Increased bandwidth and reduced latency will enable cloud-based machine learning (Cloud AI) and real time “Big Data” processing. It is expected that by 2023 a third of mobile connections in advanced economies will use 5G.

Connectivity is the key enabler for advanced mobility services such as car sharing, car pooling and navigation. When combined with telematics and IoT devices, the solutions and new business models have effects across the whole transportation industry. Usage-based insurance (UBI), stolen vehicle tracking & recovery (SVT/SVR), e/b-call and all other services that address the connected car, ranging from entertainment to autonomous driving, will be further utilised.

Ptolemus has compiled more than 10 years of primary and secondary research in connected mobility and published many reports on the subject, including:

  • The Connected Mobility Forecast and the Augmented Mobility 2030 global studies
  • The UBI and the Mobile Insurance Global Studies in 2016 and 2018 and our latest Connected Auto Insurance Global Study
  • The ETC and Road Tolling Global Studies in 2015 and 2019 as well as the latest ETC Global Study 2021

 PTOLEMUS has performed more than 120 assignments related to IoT & connectivity and telematics, including due diligences, market forecasts and strategic advisory.