What is fleet telematics?

Fleet telematics refers to the technology used for fleet management, which combines telecommunication, informatics and global navigation satellite system (GNSS) to share vehicle data with a central system.

  • A dedicated device connected to the vehicle gathers data on vehicle and driver activities which is transmitted to the server to visualise data on software platforms
  • A telematics device can be a black box, plug-in OBD or even a smartphone
  • Key applications include vehicle tracking, fuel consumption and driver behaviour monitoring

It is important to differentiate fleet telematics from fleet management, as:

  • Fleet management refers to processes & organisation using software that register the use of fleet assets such as vehicles, job orders, drivers shifts, etc. It does not automatically require data transmitted from the vehicles.
  • Fleet telematics is a subscription-based service that connects real-time vehicle data to a central system in charge of managing assets, drivers, goods, etc.
    • It uses a dedicated device in the vehicles to gather and transmit data. And also encompasses fleet management data as part of the transmitted information.

The connectivity required for fleet telematics is made possible via either aftermarket or line-fitted devices. The types of aftermarket devices in use include black boxes, tsp boxes, OBD devices, and smartphones. The line-fitted devices include OEM systems, tachographs, vehicle keys, and OEM smartwatches.

Typical applications of fleet telematics devices

  • Fleet management data
  • Vehicle geofencing
  • Route guidance, scheduling and dispatch
  • Productivity assessment and consulting
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Driver scoring and training
  • Usage-based insurance
  • FNOL and claims assistance
  • Toll, parking, fuel payment
  • Fuel card integration
  • Driver/contractor management
  • Tax reporting service

The information provided above was taken from our Commercial Fleet Telematics Global Study. Download the free abstract of buy the full report to learn more.