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The majority of our reports include bottom-up market forecasts which can also be purchased separately. If you are interested in purchasing numerous reports or forecasts and get early access to our upcoming research studies, consider subscribing to our research.


Fleet Electrification Global Study
This study includes:
  • 420-page analysis of the global fleet electrification landscape. The reference report for how and when to complete electrification.
Norway Vehicle Electrification Study
This study includes:
  • 120-page analysis of the Norway vehicle electrification example including the successes to follow and pitfalls to avoid

Fleet Management

Commercial Fleet Telematics
This study includes:
  • 670-page comprehensive analysis of the global commercial fleet telematics landscape including industrial & construction fleets
Fleet Insurance Telematics
This study includes:
  • 500-page analysis of fleet insurance telematics including an evaluation of the connected fleet insurance value chain


Connected Auto Insurance Global Study
This study includes:
  • 730-page comprehensive analysis of the connected auto insurance industry by technology, distribution model and geography
Gig economy insurance
This study includes:
  • 200-page analysis of the gig economy motor insurance market for last mile delivery riders and drivers in Europe

Electronic Tolling

This study includes:
  • A 550-page analysis of the current and future electronic tolling market landscape in Europe

Road Usage Charging United States Report

This study includes:
  • 300-page in-depth analysis of the current and future road financing in the US including an analysis of states which would benefit most from RUC
Electronic Tolling Collection Global Study
This study includes:
  • 950-page study of the ETC market with 69 individual profiles, including qualitative, competitive, and value chain analysis


Mobility-as-a-Service Market Report Highlights
This study includes:
  • A 260-page analysis and forecast of the Mobility-as-a-Service market in Europe
Google in Mobility Report Cover Image
This study includes:
  • A 140-page analysis of the current and future Google’s strategy in the MaaS market
This study includes:
  • 150-page analysis of the supply ecosystem powering MaaS. The only complete appraisal of MaaS software suppliers
Global Mobility Roadbook cover
This study includes:
  • 750-page analysis of future mobility, defining the ecosystem and power players covering 168 countries in total

Connected Vehicles

Connected vehicle payments
This study includes:
  • 282-page analysis of the connected vehicle payments market including a detailed 2020-2030 forecast across 10 verticals and 18 markets
Vehicle Data Market Global Study
This study includes:
  • 600-page analysis of the global vehicle data market including a detailed 2018-2030 forecast across 8 verticals and 18 countries

Autonomous Vehicles

OEM Readiness for Autonomous Vehicles Global Study
This study includes:
  • 350-page reference manual on how OEMs are really preparing for self-driving cars and their level of preparedness
Autonomous Vehicle Technology and suppliers global study
This study includes:
  • 500-page analysis of the autonomous vehicle technology supplier landscape covering both software and hardware

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