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28 September 2021
Automakers are about to shake up the auto insurance industry

9 February 2021
COVID Pandemic Is Set to Propel Gig Economy Motor Insurance to Nearly €6 Billion by 2030

2 December 2020
Global Electronic Toll Collection and Road Usage Charging market to reach €490 billion in 2030

7 September 2020
Connected Car Payments Market to Reach Over €530 Billion by 2030

25 March 2020
Vehicle data hubs will enable a €300 billion market globally by 2030

22 October 2019
FCA and PSA falling behind in the Autonomous Cars race

19 September 2019
Automakers’ vision is in LiDAR for autonomous vehicles

28 June 2019
Mobile Usage-Based-Insurance (UBI) grew 160% globally in 2018

7 March 2019
European Mobtechs Dominate the Supply Market for Mobility-as-a-Service

3 December 2018
Global Mobility Will Grow by 55% to 70 Trillion Passenger Km in 2030

26 November 2018
PTOLEMUS Ranks Allstate, AXA, Desjardins and Ping An as the Most Advanced Digital Insurers

6 November 2018
Usage-Based Insurance Accelerating to Reach 170 Million Drivers by 2025 with 25% of Policies Now Based on Apps, Reports PTOLEMUS

1 October 2018
Smartphonisation is reshaping banking. Insurance is next, says new research from PTOLEMUS Consulting Group

26 July 2018
Driven by the Success of Mobile Insurance, the Number of UBI Customers Has Soared Past 20 Million

4 December 2017
Connected Fleets to Shift from Paperwork to Digital Through Unified Sourcing of Truck Services, Finds Latest PTOLEMUS Landmark Research

18 May 2017
Usage-Based Insurance Global Market Grew by 32% in 2016 to 14 Million Policies, says PTOLEMUS UBI Quarterly Dashboard

19 April 2017
Only Liberty and Allianz Are Ready to Benefit from Autonomous Car’s Impact on Claims; More Insurers Must Act Now, Says PTOLEMUS’ New Study

22 March 2017
Over 700,000 Crashes Avoided Every Year in the US Thanks to Automation, New PTOLEMUS Report Finds

1 December 2016
The era of connected insurance analytics is starting

6 September 2016
From Copper to Gold: PTOLEMUS Issues 20 Best Practices on Deriving Intelligence from Connected Insurance Data

28 June 2016
Octo, LexisNexis and Scope are the Big Winners of the 2016 Usage-Based Insurance Supplier Rankings

7 June 2016
Insurance carriers will soon be forced to insure mobility instead of cars

27 April 2016
Ptolemus New Forecast: Connected Mobility Services to Equip 400 Million Cars and Generate $350 Billion in Revenues by 2020

1 February 2016
Autonomous Vehicles Will Cause Auto Insurance Premiums to Fall by up to 40% by 2030, Says PTOLEMUS’ New Report

7 January 2016
As UBI Becomes Mainstream, Too Many Insurers Are Unprepared, Warns PTOLEMUS’ New UBI Global Study