Project management

PTOLEMUS Consulting Group has an extensive history of project management delivering over 120 consulting assignments and helping our clients to define their mobility & digital strategies by performing market sizing, due diligence & business planning projects…

PTOLEMUS takes part in the process of planning, organising and regulating resources in order to achieve a specific goal and objective within a specific time frame.

Due to the complexity, resource and time management requirements, and risks involved in mobility projects, project management is critical in the mobility sector. PTOLEMUS ensures that all aspects of the project are carefully planned, managed and executed to achieve the desired results. It ensures that resources are used efficiently and effectively, that deadlines are met, that risks are identified and mitigated and that communication channels with all stakeholders remain open.

Several key elements are required for successful project management in the mobility field such as:

  • Clear objectives for the project: objectives should be defined and communicated to all stakeholders, ensuring that everyone is working towards the same goal
  • Effective planning: as projects usually involve multiple stakeholders, hence our focus remains on the project staying on track, is delivered on time and within the budget
  • Agile methodology: in the mobility field, demand and technology are constantly changing; hence an agile methodology is necessary to adapt to these changes
  • Risk management: regulatory compliance, security concerns, and safety are all risks that must be assessed in mobility projects
  • Robust communication: given a large number of stakeholders, including private companies, governmental agencies, and the public, clear and transparent communication with regular updates is necessary

Our clients come from across the mobility ecosystem including:

  • Analytics, maps & applications providers
  • Automotive manufacturers & suppliers
  • Mobile telecom operators
  • Device & location suppliers
  • Telematics solution providers
  • Fleet & fuel, ITS & regulators
  • Device & location suppliers
  • Insurers, aggregators & assistance providers
  • Banks & private equity investors