Has Alexa already won the autonomous car interface battle?

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In the race for the ownership of the driver interface, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and MirrorLink all claim to be the ultimate co-pilot for drivers. They are not in-car, embedded operating systems, rather a connectivity solution that casts a familiar interface from a smartphone on the car’s built-in display. CarPlay, for instance, is already available […]

Fleet data aggregators could displace TSPs by providing better insight

The big data phenomenon, beyond the buzzword, is happening. In 2016, it was estimated that 90% of all the world’s data had been generated over the previous 2 years. According to Capterra, by 2020, 1.7 Mb of data will be created every second for every single person on earth! Indeed, big data is becoming ubiquitous […]

Fleet telematics will grow despite shrinking ARPU

The global fleet telematics market will grow from $10 billion to $16 billion in the next 5 years PTOLEMUS’ newly launched Connected Fleet Services study provides an assessment of the 5 key domains influencing the total cost of ownership (TCO). The study includes a forecast of the North American fleet telematics market,  which is already […]

OEM data platform direct access is not scalable

As we assessed the fleet services market globally in preparation for the big launch this week, we looked at how commercial vehicle manufacturers were using their data, partnering and/or providing direct services. In the US, trucks manufacturers are using embedded TSP to give access to diagnostics data, even Volvo and Daimler. In Europe all trucks OEMs […]

Fleet service provision is crossing all silos

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Every day, to streamline their costs & operations, fleet managers worldwide attempt to optimise the cost and operation of 260 million trucks, vans and company cars. But their suppliers still provide vehicle maintenance, fuel, telematics, insurance and toll solutions in silos. Each optimises only a small part of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), resulting […]

Uber, transit’s rival …and ally

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Uber’s decision to join the International Association of Public Transport (UITP), an advocacy group for public transport providers, attracted attention this week as many felt the company was taking a gentler stance towards regulators and local authorities than in the past. To date, Uber has fought for its existence in many cities. In the UK, […]

The European Parliament to discuss advancing autonomous driving acceptance at open events co-hosted by The Autonomous Club

November 29, 2017 by  
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Brussels, 23.11.2017 – The December issue of the Autonomous Driving Platform event will be followed by an open reception in the European Parliament co-hosted by The Autonomous Club whose meeting will take place on the 7th. MEP Ismail Ertug will host the 5th Driving Future Platform meeting to discuss “Autonomous Driving and its impact on society”. It will take place […]

BMW CarData: a sign of things to come for all OEMs

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As BMW presented its new CarData platform to insurers, telematics service providers (TSPs) and data analytics companies in Munich last month, it made obvious that data transparency and monetisation in now a hot topic for all OEMs.   BMW has been early in the game of connected cars & services. 8.5 million BMWs are now equipped […]

OBD: the battle for control over car data has just started

October 6, 2017 by  
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According to an announcement made by Christoph Grote, Senior Vice President Electronics at BMW at the VDA Technical Congress in Berlin, German car makers are planning to progressively close the OBD port while the vehicle is being driven. So does it mean the beginning of the end for the OBD-based industry and services such as […]

Satellites and EETS are the new norm in tolling

August 31, 2017 by  
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After 18 months of delays and legal challenges the tender process for the proposed Bulgarian nationwide GNSS toll seems to be finally moving forward. Originally expected to begin operating in late 2017, the toll will levy a per km fee on all vehicles over 3.5t and is expected to be EETS compliant from the beginning. […]

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