Commercial vehicle OEMs / Suppliers
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    Commercial vehicle OEMs / Suppliers

    Compared to the car industry, the commercial vehicle industry has faced less competitive pressure on the navigation side.

    The reason is obvious: the commercial vehicle OEMs have had little direct competition from low cost solutions such as PNDs.

    This partly explains why navigation systems have not taken off as rapidly as in the private vehicle market. There are other obstacles as well

    • Purchasing decisions are made by businesses, which mean longer cycles ;
    • Economies of scale are smaller ;
    • Content is not always available, e.g. specific maps for trucks do not exist yet.

    There are also strong reasons why the commercial vehicle industry will, after a slower take-off, embrace mobility solutions

    1. Trucks are assets, expensive assets which need to be managed carefully. Mobility solutions are one of the most efficient ways to reduce costs:

    • Pay-as-you-drive (PAYD) can ensure lower insurance costs ;
    • Tracking and tracing of vehicles can help optimize order assignment and… recover stolen vehicles and goods ;
    • Optimal traffic information and avoidance systems can provide significant productivity gains and energy savings.

    2. Mobility solutions can help significantly increase productivity by

    • Reducing time lost in traffic jams ;
    • Better assignment and management of orders ;
    • Live and historical reporting of employee schedules and position-data.

    We believe that fleet management solutions will be the first phase of a take-off of telematics services.

    Our experience in this field.