Electric vehicles (EVs)

Electric vehicles (EVs) are vehicles that are powered by electricity from batteries, fuel cells, or a combination of both. They produce zero emissions and are [ ... ]

OBD & vehicle data

Since the standardisation of OBD protocol in US and European, a single device (OBD dongle) can query the on-board computer to access a list of [ ... ]

Fleet telematics

Fleet telematics delivers a variety of vehicle and driver related data that can be used to optimise fleet operations via services such as track & [ ... ]

Autonomous vehicles

Profound changes due to vehicle automation will not be limited to car manufacturers, suppliers or dealers. Automation, combined with the continued growth of mobility services, [ ... ]

Car sharing

Car manufacturers have been at the forefront of the recent shift in the connected mobility landscape. For most of them, value creation is shifting from [ ... ]

Electronic toll collection

In recent years, the electronic tolling landscape has changed markedly in almost every region of the world. Alongside national activity, toll network interoperability continues to [ ... ]


Automatic crash notification (ACN) or eCall is becoming a standard feature of connected services provision. OEMs, telematics service providers, insurance companies and roadside assistance companies [ ... ]

Mobile insurance

In 2016, we predicted mobile would radically change the insurance market. It has done much more. Smartphone apps are facilitating several major shifts, including: [ ... ]

Usage-based insurance

From the start of the Usage-based insurance revolution, PTOLEMUS Consulting Group has tracked & analysed the UBI global market. Through our dedicated UBI dashboard we’ve [ ... ]