Autonomous vehicles

Profound changes due to vehicle automation will not be limited to car manufacturers, suppliers or dealers. Automation, combined with the continued growth of mobility services, is set to fundamentally change the way we commute and travel. Change will be wholesale and the impact will be felt equally by financial districts, insurance hubs, political centres and technology clusters.

In our Autonomous Vehicle Global Study, we predict that by 2030 there will be more cars on the global road system with ADAS technology than without it and by that time, 370 million vehicles will have some automated features.

Major players across the autonomous vehicle value chain continue to announce large investments and acquisitions, highlighting the race between OEMs and tech companies to reach full automation. While car manufacturers are undoubtedly in the eye of the autonomous vehicle storm, they are not alone. They are accompanied at each step of the way by a growing ecosystem of players, consisting of insurance companies, regulators, suppliers, mobility providers, investors, cities, telematics service providers and, of course, the drivers themselves.

Actions are now required by these players to stay ahead and to prepare for the magnitude of adjustments which will necessarily take place across the numerous industries – many of which have enjoyed decades of stability.

PTOLEMUS’ expertise and market knowledge brings an advantage to the multiple stakeholders of vehicle automation. We have recently published a complete overview of the autonomous vehicle market and the impact of the technology and its adoption on crashes and premiums.

We have also leveraged our experience as global thought leaders in Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) and insurance analytics to consider the impact of automation at different levels, as well as having assessed market opportunities for device manufacturers.

Join the Autonomous Club

Finally, PTOLEMUS is partnering with Lysios to run The Autonomous Club, a platform for all stakeholders to meet and discuss business, technology and regulatory issues related to connected and autonomous vehicles.