Deploying strategy for a global Tier-1 automotive player

A global leading tier-1 automotive supplier sought to review and transform its initial deployment plan for a novel safety solution into a robust European go-to-market strategy and business plan. The client also wished to find a strategy for contacting potential partners and creating sales channels. The strategic preparation was then to be followed up by a second phase of the project, in which PTOLEMUS managed the project in a close collaboration with the client. 

The client’s new product, built to improve road safety by utilising connectivity, had already been through the prototype phase when PTOLEMUS expertise was brought in. The easy-to-install, aftermarket-fitted device was then to be tested on their own fleets in Europe before expanding to third parties.  The deployment strategy and business development had to be consolidated into a robust product roadmap and strategy for the European market.

During this initial phase, PTOLEMUS assisted the client by:

  • Verifying the opportunity in different markets and to assess the business potential
  • Evaluating the suitability of the initial strategy, positioning and business model
  • Making the business case stronger in order to obtain greater internal credibility on revenue expectations
  • Systematically approaching potential partners to:
    • Clarify their level of interest
    • Prioritise the different target segments and countries
    • Adapt the value proposition based on potential customers’ feedback
    • Form a number of strategic distribution partnerships with key players that could guarantee a large market share of the innovative solution
  • Consolidating these various analyses into a coherent, solid and pragmatic go-to-market strategy and business plan.

Thanks to successful strategy definition, rapid development and strong interest shown by the client’s prospects, the project transitioned effectively to the operational phase. During this phase, PTOLEMUS’ approach was based on 3 major sets of tasks:

  • Defining new critical processes for:
    • The end-to-end manufacturing, testing & logistics of the solution
    • The selection of key suppliers such as manufacturer, mobile telecommunication operator, logistics provider, etc.
    • The design and creation of the organisation to handle customer support, billing, etc.
    • The design and creation (or outsourcing) of their IT infrastructure
    • The launch and roll-out of pilots with prospects
    • The launch and deployment of customer projects
  • Define and lead the operations by:
    • Assisting the client to progress the relationships with potential customers in order to obtain pilots and contracts
    • Identifying & selecting the optimal suppliers for manufacturing, connectivity solutions, testing & logistics of the product
    • Conducting the initial operations for customer support, billing, etc.
    • Recruiting new staff
    • Efficiently & reliably launching pilots with prospects
    • Efficiently & reliably deploying customer projects
    • Managing customer support
  • Manage the previously designed processes by:
    • Building detailed plans, including key inputs, milestones and outputs
    • Providing accurate reporting to both the operational team and the clients’ management team
    • Requesting critical decisions from the management team in an effective and timely manner
    • Providing predictable outcomes for the prospects & customers

PTOLEMUS assisted the client throughout the two phases. The first phase of defining the go-to-market strategy was delivered in 3 months. Our consultants and experts:

  • Reviewed the clients existing plans and solution
  • Performed in-depth desk research and leveraged information available to PTOLEMUS, gathered from previous experience and accumulated intellectual capital
  • Organised key workshops with the client
  • Set up weekly status calls with the client’s core team
  • Reviewed and built a bottom-up business case
  • Approached possible partners and customers on behalf of the client

To successfully launch the operations and make this transition phase a success, PTOLEMUS brought a Project Manager into the second phase to design, manage and run the operational side of the project. The Project Manager ran both weekly meetings and monthly reviews with the client, as well as providing any required input based on both their telematics and general experience.

The project deliverables helped the client shape their go-to-market strategy and successfully launch the operations of their new solution.