Cross industry investment has become one of the largest growth factors in the commercial transport sector

This report will answer the crucial questions in the connected fleet services market

Acquisitions, mergers, investments and partnerships between fuel card issuers, telematics service providers, toll operators and insurance companies amount to hundreds of million of dollars this year alone.

This market consolidation aims at one thing:
Capturing the $61bn combined fleet services opportunity

Today, costs associated with operating commercial vehicles, such as fuel, drivers, maintenance, insurance and tolling, vary significantly from country to country and can be severely impacted by fluctuating fuel prices, tax rise and the introduction of new road tolls.

At the same time, only 30% of the moving assets are monitored, management systems are still proprietary and fleet managers are still drowning in endless spreadsheets and paperwork. Efficiency and cost control has made huge progress but is still managed by many sectors operating in silos.

Despite being highly symbiotic, costs continue to be managed individually

Not for long. The most advanced players such as Navistar, Shell, DKV, Fleetcor and WABCO have already begun to break into neighbouring markets by integrating, consolidating and combining fleet services.

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What of the others? How are the various service markets developing across Europe, North America and China? Is the opportunity restricted to the fuel and telematics giants? and What are the models of partnership the forerunners have tested to date?

These are the fundamental questions this report will answer.

The Connected Fleet Services Global Study is a unique strategic decision-making tool assessing the potentials and models of partnership in the commercial transport market.

It is also the most thorough investigation of the 5 markets that control the Total Cost of Ownership:

  • Fleet telematics
  • Diagnostics and maintenance
  • Fuel payment
  • Toll payment
  • Insurance

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In the same report you will find:

  • A calculation of the TCO for HGVs and LCVs in Europe, North America and China
  • Regional assessment of the fleet services market for Europe, North America and China
  • Then for each of the 5 sectors:
    • A detailed assessment of the market development trends
    • An analysis of the existing and potential service integration opportunities
    • Value chain analysis
    • Service delivery analysis
    • Global forecast

The report also includes a complete competitive analysis:

  • 50+ case studies of companies providing cross over services
  • 45 company profiles on the top Telematics Service Providers (TSPs), Fuel Card Issuers (FCIs) and Toll Service Operators (EETS providers) as listed below:

Telematics Service Providers

Fuel Card Issuers

ETC providers

ABAX Microlise AllStar Eurowag Axxes
Arvento Mix Telematics Berlio Fleetcor BroBizz
Astrata Nextraq BP-Aral Fleetcore Eurotoll
Cartrack Omnitracs ComData OMV Eurowag
Ctrack (Inseego) Orange/
DKV Radius Telepass
Fleetboard Telogis E100 Shell Toll4Europe/DKV
Fleetmatics TomTom Edenred Total-AS24 Total
GeoTab Transics ENI USBank UTA
Lytx Verizon Telematics UTA
Masternaut Viasat WEX

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