Launch announcement

According to the 650-page Connected Fleet Services Global Study, the fuel card, vehicle diagnostics, telematics, tolling and insurance industries will need to integrate into a single $61 billion market to manage fleets of commercial vehicles by 2025.

Every day, to streamline their costs & operations, fleet managers worldwide attempt to optimise the cost and operation of 260 million trucks, vans and company cars.

But their suppliers still provide vehicle maintenance, fuel, telematics, insurance and toll solutions in silos. Each optimises only a small part of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), resulting in the operators looking at multiple screens and databases to manage their fleet.

Frederic Bruneteau, Managing Director of PTOLEMUS observed: “While commercial transport is a critical component of our globalised economy, it is lagging behind in the race towards digitalisation. Most containers are still not tracked, most databases are still not connected to each other and commercial fleet managers are still inundated with paperwork! The solution is simple: sharing and using the same data across silos, using vehicle connectivity and cloud solutions.”

The report explains how competition and the emergence of connected vehicles are rapidly eroding these silos. Fleet managers are moving towards consolidated sources of services to operate their fleets in a smooth and unified manner.  As a result, truck OEMs, oil companies, insurers, brokers, toll operators and fleet telematics service providers (TSPs) will all need to open up and co-operate. This has been recently highlighted by a multitude of deals, such as Verizon acquiring Fleetmatics and Telogis, Michelin buying NexTraq, Fleetcor acquiring Sem Parar, Eurowag aquiring Princip and TomTom partnering with BP and many more.

Leveraging interviews with 70 executives across commercial road transport and other fleet sectors, the new PTOLEMUS study is the first to appraise the size and potential of the complete commercial vehicle services market beyond telematics. The 650-page investigation brings a unique strategic decision-making analysis of the 5 sectors that control the vehicle’s TCO:

      • In the same comprehensive report companies will also find:Fleet telematics
      • Diagnostics & maintenance
      • Fuel card services
      • Toll payments and
      • Insurance
      • Calculations of the TCO for HGVs and LCVs in Europe, North America and China
      • Regional assessments of the fleet services market in Europe, North America and China
      • Then for each of the 5 sectors:
      • A detailed assessment of the market development trends,
      • An analysis of the existing and potential service integration opportunities,
      • Value chain analysis,
      • Service delivery analysis,
      • Global forecasts.
      • 50+ case studies of companies providing cross-over services
      • 45 company profiles of the top Telematics Service Providers, Fuel Card Issuers and e-toll operators
      • The detailed Excel outputs of 4 bottom-up 2015-2025 volumes & revenue forecasts for
      • Fleet telematics services (worldwide)
      • Fuel card payment services (Europe & North America)
      • Electronic toll collection (worldwide)
      • Connected fleet insurance (worldwide)

A free 65-page abstract can be downloaded here.  It includes the report’s executive summary as well as 3 exclusive interviews with:

      • Andrew Dondlinger, Vice President & General Manager, Connected Services, Navistar Inc.
      • Thomas Schmidt, Managing Director, TomTom Telematics and
      • Bernie Kavanagh, Senior Vice President & General Manager, WEX Inc.