Fleet services forecasts

The new PTOLEMUS Connected Fleet Services Study 2018 is the first to analyse the size and potential of the whole commercial vehicle market, not just telematics.

The 650-page document brings unique strategic decision-making analysis of the 5 sectors that control the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of vans and trucks:

  •          Fleet telematics,
  •          Diagnostics and maintenance,
  •          Fuel payment management,
  •          Toll payment and
  •          Insurance


It also includes:

4 market forecasts (2015 to 2025) in Excel for:

  1. Fleet telematics
  2. Connected fleet insurance global market
  3. Electronic Toll Collection global market
  4. Fuel cards European and North American markets


Scope and output of the forecast

  • HGVs, LCVs and company cars in use
  • Addressable market for fleet telematics service providers
  • Volume of commercial vehicles equipped with fleet telematics
  • Global penetration of fleet telematics per vehicle type
  • Revenues generated by fleet telematics providers by vehicle type

Geographic scope: Global: 18 countries/regions


Scope and output of the forecast

  • Vehicles in use equipped with OEM connectivity
  • Commercial vehicles with connected insurance coverage by vehicle type
  • Commercial vehicles with connected insurance coverage by programme type:
    • Standalone (brought by insurers)
    • Aftermarket (brought by TSPs)
    • In-line fitted (embedded by OEMs)
  • Connected insurance adoption
  • Connected insurance written premiums
  • Impact of connected insurance discounts on GWP
  • Impact of ADAS on premiums

Geographic scope: Global: 18 countries/regions


Scope and output of the forecast

  • ETC subscription volumes by technology type:
    • DSRC
    • GNSS
    • RFID
    • Infrared
  • ETC subscription volumes by vehicle type and by country
  • Revenues generated by ETC in each country and by vehicle type
  • Country by country assessment

Geographic scope: Global: 36 countries


Scope and output

  • Number of fuel cards issued
  • Number of fuel cards used per region
  • Number of fuel cards issued per vehicle type
  • Fuel cards adoption by region and vehicle type
  • Fuel card revenues, excluding additional services per region and vehicle types

Geographic scope: Europe and US: 27 countries

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