The Vehicle Data Market Global Study v2

The Vehicle Data Market Global Study v2


The first bottom-up assessment & forecast of the car data market

Discover version 2 of our famed Vehicle Data Market Global Study!

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Who has not read that connected car data is the new oil of the automotive industry? The problem is, whilst the commentariat have decided that in-car data will be incredibly lucrative, the industry is still trying to figure out how, if and when it might happen!

In order to cut through the confusion, in our Vehicle Data Market Global Studywe have deliberately focused on the scope of car data generated by the connected vehicle system only, and the potential of 8 vertical markets critical to any successful vehicle data strategy.

The 600-page study contains:

  • An assessment of the connected car data market today and the benefits it generates
  • An analysis of over 15 OEM strategies worldwide, including 7 in-depth case studies of how connected services have been implemented so far
  • Profiles of 9 key vehicle data hubs (VDHs)
  • A bottom-up forecast of the global VDH market for connected cars to 2030, covering 5 regions with specific figures for 12 countries.
  •  Coverage of 8 vertical markets, including:
    • Vehicle-integrated payments (parking, fuelling and tolling)
    • Usage-based insurance
    • Fleet management and leasing
    • Car sharing and car rental
    • Connected assistance
    • Repair and remote diagnostics
    • Traffic management
    • Advertising

The Vehicle Data Market Global Study provides you with an incredibly comprehensive understanding of:

  • The revenue potential for the data generated by current and future connected vehicles
  • Which vertical markets have the best revenue potential
  • Which vehicle data hub model is the best fit for your business
  • Which OEMs are most - and least - prepared for the coming data revolution

The report enables you to:

  • Save time planning your vehicle data strategy, by understanding the strategic considerations of an automotive vehicle data strategy, with the included breakdown of the 8 strategic variable a vehicle data hub must overcome to be successful
  • Benchmark your current performance versus your competitors, when you read our profiles and assessment of 15 leading OEM vehicle data strategies
  • Increase your RoI by targeting the right markets relating to your strategy, with the report's insight into what regulations are currently being discussed, if will be implemented and how it will shape the future of vehicle data hubs around the world
  • Maximise the potential revenue opportunity for your data strategy, by using our 2030 forecasts to understand the future revenue opportunities for the future vehicle data industry

OEMs analysed in the vehicle data hub global study

Major vehicle data hub players

The report features:

  • 600 pages of analysis on the current and future volume and value of the global vehicle data hub industry
  • Analysis of the vehicle data hub industry across 18 countries
  • An assessment of the competition occurring in 16 service industries that can be served by vehicle data hubs
  • The identification of which service areas are the most, and least competitive
  • Conclusions that detail where the major revenue opportunities will be across 8 industry verticals, including:
    • Advertising
    • Fleet management services
    • Remote diagnostics
    • User-based insurance
  • 15 in-depth profiles of OEMs' data hub programmes
  • Case studies detailing how 7 of the world's major vehicle OEMs are currently sharing data, including:
    • Toyota
    • BMW
    • Peugeot (PSA)
    • Hyundai
    • GM
  • Forecasts for both the volume and value of the global vehicle data hub industry from 2018 to 2030
    • Revenues and volumes for each of the 8 vertical markets
    • Revenues and volumes for each of the 3 stakeholder categories:
      • OEMs
      • Vehicle Data Hubs
      • Vehicle Service Providers

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