On-road Commercial Fleet Telematics Global Study

On-road Commercial Fleet Telematics Global Study


OEMs are on the path to overtake TSPs in the on-road fleet telematics market

PTOLEMUS Consulting Group is now pleased to offer the On-road Commercial Fleet Telematics Global Study, an on-road focused version of the study.

on-road commercial fleet telematics

PTOLEMUS forecasts that the majority of all new on-road vehicles will have embedded telematics by 2024, and that this shift in connectivity will strengthen OEMs´ positioning as they will become a major source of vehicle data for TSPs, supplanting aftermarket hardware.

OEM partnerships are growing

OEMs' integrations with TSPs are on the rise. For example, Navistar has partnered with Geotab, Samsara and Cloudera, and Daimler has launched its fully “open” Virtual Vehicle™. As a result of this activity, OEMs are not only positioning themselves to supplant TSP hardware, but they are actively building a presence in the market to help them achieve this goal too.

The On-road Commercial Fleet Telematics Global Study will answer 12 key strategic questions:

On-road commercial fleet telematics


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