Mobile Insurance Global Study

Mobile Insurance Global Study


Smartphones are the black swan of the insurance market. Mobile insurance will make both digital insurance and UBI mainstream, faster than we all expect.

Mobile insurance reaches only 50 million drivers

That is only a small fraction in comparison to the mobile banking market today.

User based Insurance

The “smartphonisation” of insurance was predicted by PTOLEMUS as early as 2012. Its impacts are still not fully understood. Yet the opportunities and challenges of the future insurance industry will all collide on the mobile space;


  • Insurance is moving from a standard yearly purchase to an on-demand, transaction-based service
  • External players such as Samsung, Amazon or car manufacturers now entering the market with digital offers
  • Data science is becoming an essential competitive tool for usage-basedcontext-aware personalised coverage.

Apps will completely transform the insurance industry. They will impact competition, customer relationship, internal processes and the skills required to handle new systems and technologies.

Mobile insurance will have wide reaching impacts on the market. Customer ownership will be defined by the app they use. Mobile insurance apps will become the essential weapon to fence-off insurers’ client pool.

Smartphones will bring insurance up to speed with the next generation of drivers.
Frederic Bruneteau, PTOLEMUS' Managing Director

Their impact will be far-reaching and often hurt. For their own sake, insurers must stop considering apps as a simple window to their antiques shop. The complete shop needs to be fully digitalised. Only the most advanced insurers – notably AXA, Allstate or State Farm – have made the first steps.”

Mobile insurance is still an immature offering

Analysing direct user feedback and past UBI experience provide the opportunity to detect best practices every insurer can implement.

The Mobile Insurance Global Study analyses the mobile insurance market, defines best practices and quantifies the different use cases.

An update to PTOLEMUS’ landmark UBI Global Study 2016, this report brings you:

Easy to read and fully illustrated 600 pages including:

  • Best practices derived from the most successful programmes
  • Key insurance features and services evolution
  • Quantified assessment of the insurance app market based on the review of 245 apps
  • Investigation, analysis and forecast of the key trends in mobile insurance strategy
  • global scope with a focus on North America and Europe and enhanced by case studies on 2 spearheading markets: Italy and China.
  • 170 graphs, illustrations and maps

The research is based on 6 years of quarterly assessment of the UBI market and leverages:

  • The review of the 245 top insurance apps worldwide
  • Over 100 interviews with insurers, service and technology providers
  • Desk and primary research by a team of 8 consultants and analysts across Europe,
    North America and China, over a period of 6 months
  • Insights from over 60 consulting projects on future insurance strategies and UBI

The Mobile Insurance Global Study includes:

  • 600-page analysis of the insurance app strategies today by models, functions and geographies
  • Step-by-step guide to developing your mobile strategy
  • A global competitive analysis:
    • 26 insurance companies worldwide profiled
    • 30 insurance apps assessed and ranked
    • 15 Mobile App Service Providers profiled and ranked
    • Download the ranking top results here
  • The study also brings 2018-2025 global UBI market projections with
    • Volumes and revenues for Europe, North America and China
    • UBI and mobile UBI split
    • Device mix forecast by country

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