Assessing the role of ITS for a space agency

A government space agency, looking to develop their understanding of the evolution of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and the role of space technologies within these systems, turned to PTOLEMUS for assistance.

The agency required an identification of major trends in ITS, the role of space technology in ITS, how space technology fits into the strategic vision of industry stakeholders, and an insight as to the main opportunities for space technology, i.e. what would drive growth.

Autonomous vehicles are integrating several advanced technologies and vast amounts of data to take driving responsibility out of the hands of human drivers. Connected vehicles are using telematics to widen the range of services offered to the driver, strengthening the vehicle-driver relationship. In parallel, traditional modes of transportation are being challenged by the increased viability of car pooling and car sharing.

In this context, the client wanted to develop their understanding of the evolution of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and to define the role of space technologies within these systems. More precisely, the client wanted to know the major trends in ITS and identify the main opportunities for space technologies.

PTOLEMUS examined the stakeholders, value chain and market size in the ITS ecosystem. To meet our clients’ expectations, we analysed the role of space technologies and current applications in ITS. We evaluated the opportunities and barriers for space technologies by conducting interviews with relevant stakeholders.

We analysed future global opportunities for satellite positioning & communications for connected and autonomous vehicles over 3 key time horizons: 2020, 2025 and 2030 split by continent.

We provided high value deliverables to the client:

  • PTOLEMUS market forecast outputs in Excel format for both connected mobility services and autonomous vehicles
  • A market-sizing analysis of space technologies and their penetration in ITS

The outcome of the assignment was that significant new opportunities for space technologies exist but will only arise through specific programmes designed to address these new ITS trends.

Finally, PTOLEMUS built a list of recommended actions in order to successfully realise space technology opportunities in ITS until 2025, and identified new markets for space technologies.