What is Fleet Insurance Telematics?

Fleet Insurance Telematics (FIT) can be defined as an insurance policy in which an insurer is using telematics data to improve its service offering to a customer.

FIT enables insurers to collect actual data to better understand the risks and to influence them.

The use of FIT can manifest in 6 scenarios:

  • Insurer-owned telematics;
  • Standalone telematics insurance;
  • Fleet management services;
  • Risk management;
  • Claims managment, and;
  • Risk assistance

There are at least 6 different partnership models to deliver connected fleet insurance:

  • Insurer-TSP supported insurance
  • Fleet TSP-supported insurance
  • Broker-supported insurance
  • Leaser-supported insurance
  • OEM-supported insurance
  • Fuel card-supported insurance

Telematics can reduce risks in all fleet and vehicle types but high risk fleets benefit the most

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