Product development
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    Product development

    Developing a new service or product in this emerging Mobility Ecosystem is becoming more difficult every day.

    Companies need to be able to develop and launch new products within a few months that

    • Are groundbreaking and revolutionize the market place,
    • Are well integrated and compatible with previous products,
    • Include and integrate the content from multiple partners,
    • And, last but ot least, have been thoroughly tested!

    This is squaring the circle! The worse is that many companies need to do it multiple times in a year…

    PTOLEMUS can help companies in the Mobility Ecosystem

    • Have a critical eye at their innovation process and understand where progress lies,
    • Design, specify and project-manage key new products and services.

    Where do we bring value? Specifically in all services that require multiple, complex relationships between content, services, software and devices

    Our experience in this field.