Our experience

Our partners’ experience in this field includes

  • For an international provider of location-based content, contacted 16 mobile operators / aggregators in 4 countries (EU). This content provider to the PND and car industry had developed an application for GPS-enabled mobile phones

– Contacted 16 mobile operators and aggregators within 4 weeks to propose handset preload and application store distribution partnerships. Thanks to our network of relationships and hundreds of calls and e-mails, we managed to approach 2/3 of these operators ;

– Advanced talks are being held with 5 companies and the company asked PTOLEMUS to provide ongoing support to their board for one year.

  • For SFR Vodafone, managed to convince SNCF to deploy SFR/Cegetel service in its main 40 train stations

– Arranged and led initial meeting with SNCF to propose a trial of SFR’s solution at Gare du Nord ;

– Obtained a trial of SFR WiFi Service at Gare du Nord, Europe’s highest traffic train station ;

– Agreed a partnership with Telecom Developpement, a SNCF subsidiary, to jointly deploy WiFi hotspots in SNCF train stations. Thanks to influencing on the ground and at management levels, obtained a 5 year contract to deploy WiFi hotspots in SNCF 40 main train stations.

  • For SFR Vodafone, successfully led the bid to the City of Paris’ RFP for a municipal WiFi network (France)

– Made recommendation to the CEO and CFO on whether the company should bid ;

– Formed joint consortium with Alcatel- Lucent ;

– Formed and conducted bid team in writing the application document and presenting a formal offer, within a week ;

The SFR-Alcatel-Lucent offer was retained by the City of Paris, based on best response on 3 criteria out of 4. The WiFi network (400 access points) was deployed in less than 6 months and inaugurated by Bertrand Delanoë, Mayor of Paris.