Due diligence
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    Due diligence

    A large acquisition or financing is always a difficult and often complex operation.

    It requires a tactful approach by the acquiror and any advisor to avoid certain risks such as

    • Misunderstanding the acquirer’s or the financier’s objectives (timeline, management style, etc.),
    • Damaging the company’s management or operations,
    • A non-analytical judgment based on a first positive or negative impression,
    • An isolated evaluation of the company, which fails to capture opportunities or risks brought by the industry ecosystem.

    PTOLEMUS can conduct a strategic due diligence in the Mobility Industry so that you can benefit from

    • A clear understanding of the robustness of the business plan and the areas of risks,
    • A frank assessment of the management capabilities vs. its peers in the industry.

    Furthermore, PTOLEMUS can also provide

    • An alternative strategic plan to optimize the post-acquisition period and ensure that the first 200 days are well led,
    • A thorough audit of a company’s operations,
    • Post-acquisition follow-up strategic guidance.

    In all cases, we thrive to not only evaluate the company but also identify potential corrective actions.

    Our experience in this field.