The Mobility Platform Suppliers Handbook

The first buyer’s guide to Mobility Platform Suppliers

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The only complete appraisal of MaaS software suppliers

The giant’s battle for the provision of MaaS has started. Within a week, we learned that:

  • BMW and Daimler will combine their mobility operations and Moovel will become ReachNow
  • Citymapper announced Pass, an embryo MaaS service in London
  • Narendra Modi, Indian’s Prime Minister, launched the National Common Mobility Card, a nationwide MaaS scheme

We have leveraged our 10 years of experience in connected mobility, including over 130 consulting assignments, to lay out the ecosystem for MaaS, including its key stakeholders, trends and technologies.For those starting on the path to provide multimodal mobility, the current supply landscape can appear confusing.

We have also mapped the value chain and identified the building blocks required to build a complete MaaS solution.

Finally, we have appraised 17 key suppliers of mobility platforms, identified key clients and analysed case studies of their deployments.


Mobility Platform Suppliers Handbook - MaaS supplier analysis

This report offers a comprehensive analysis of MaaS building blocks and B2B service providers

All mobility stakeholders will benefit:

  • Cities: what mobility supply strategy and model could be deployed and what model and providers are the best fit
  • Transport / mobility operators: what suppliers are the most adequate to move to multimodal mobility
  • Investors: have an in-depth view on how the big players of the market are evolving and what their expanding strategies are
  • Technology providershow your competitors are evolving and what your position in the market really is

The mobility platform suppliers handbook brings much-needed clarity on the mobtech supply chain and competition:

  • 150 pages of analysis of the complex ecosystem powering mobility-as-a-service.
  • 17 platform suppliers assessed including company strategy, market offering and place in the value chain
  • High level architecture of the shared mobility platforms
  • Independent ranking of the top technology providers in the MaaS market

mobility platform suppliers map

Mobtech suppliers analysed

9 Transport Platform Providers

  • Bestmile
  • Ecomobix
  • Launch Mobility
  • Omoove (Octo Telematics)
  • Padam
  • Ridecell
  • Shotl
  • Vulog

8 Mobility Platform Suppliers

  • A-to-Be (Brisa)
  • Cubic
  • Fluidtime (Kapsch)
  • Moovel / ReachNow (BMW and Daimler)
  • Moovit
  • Optimile
  • Siemens
  • SkedGo

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