Autonomous Vehicle Technology Forecast

The total revenue from AV technologies is expected to reach $50 billion by 2030

















Alongside our autonomous vehicle technology and suppliers global study we are releasing our bottom-up forecasts about the LiDARs, radars, cameras, HD maps and the processing units technology market until 2030.

These projections are built bottom-up from

  • The volume of all the sensors
  • The revenues generated by all the sensors upto 2030
  • Our fundamental analysis of each of these markets

The most comprehensive research on Autonomous Vehicles Technology & Suppliers Global Study

The main study includes over 500 pages of analysis on Autonomous Vehicles Technology & Suppliers:

  • 550-page analysis of the complex ecosystem powering the AV industry with focus on 4 main building blocks
  • 20 AV suppliers assessment including company strategy, market offering and place in the value chain
  • Architecture and value chain of the AV industry
  • Independent ranking of the top technology providers in the AV industry
  • 15+ interviews conducted with the suppliers

The report can also come with a complete bottom-up market forecast from 2018-2030 in Excel for the following markets:

    • Fixed price
    • License per year
  • HD maps
    • Fix license fee
    • Update fee
  • Vision sensors
    • LiDARs
      • Short range
      • Middle range
      • Long range
    • Radars
      • Short range
      • Middle range
      • Long range
    • Cameras
      • Digital
      • Thermal
      • Infrared
  • Computing units

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