The Mobile Insurance Global Study 2018

The updated reference report on UBI and digital insurance

  • 600-page analysis of the insurance app strategies by models, use-cases and geographies
  • Step-by-step guide to developing your mobile UBI strategy
  • Analysis of the strategies and apps of 26 insurance companies worldwide
  • 15 Telematics Service Providers profiled and ranked
  • 2018 - 2025 global UBI market projections

Connected Fleet Global Study 2018

Big data for big trucks: digitalising transport services

  • 650 page strategic analysis of the fleet services market
  • Over 50 case studies of companies integrating new services
  • 45 companies profiled and analysed
  • 4 market forecasts: fleet telematics, Electronic Toll Collection, connected fleet insurance and fuel cards provision

Autonomous Vehicle Global Study 2017

A perfect storm ready to wipe out risk

  • 600 pages of analysis for the auto and risk market
  • 12 angles assessment of the AV market with quantification
  • 23 Car manufacturers and technology providers analysed
  • 17 case studies of the key technology and solution providers
  • 1600 lines market forecast in Excel format

Mobility Global Forecast 2016

Reference figures and forecast for 14 connected car services

  • Quantitative global analysis of 14 car-centric mobility services:
  • Car sharing, Car pooling, Vehicle rental, Connected Navigation, In-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot, Stolen vehicle tracking, Emergency assistance (eCall), Usage Based Insurance, Remote diagnostics, Connected breakdown assistance (bCall), Vehicle leasing, Road User Charging, Fuel payment services and Fleet management
  • 4,800 lines workbook of the 14 forecasts / 18 geographical market outputs

The Connected Insurance Analytics report

From copper to gold: transforming telematics into predictive analytics

  • A step-by-step guide to improve your analytics methodology from explorative to prescriptive
  • 6-phase data handling methodology from collection to exploitation
  • Comparative analysis of the most successful scoring parameters
  • Profile and assessment of the 10 most influential analytics providers

The Electronic Toll Collection Global Study 2015

How to transform road charging into a connected vehicle service

  • 650 pages of analysis of the worldwide toll and mobility market
  • 200-page toll market handbook with 20 country analysed and 25 companies profiled
  • 43 applicable standards classified and reviewed
  • 11 toll value added services analysed
  • 10-year market forecast spreadsheet with 60 graphs

The Usage-based Insurance Global Study 2016

The reference report on telematics insurance

  • 1200+ pages of analysis & recommendations
  • 38 case studies of players around the world with 64 applicable patents listed
  • Complete add-on report on Big Data Analytics
  • 200 pages stakeholders’ guide with 62 companies analysed
  • 10 and 20 -year market forecast outputs including 60 graphs