• PTOLEMUS is a strategy consulting firm advising all ecosystem players on how to succeed in the world of geo-connected mobility

    Ptolemy created the first world map, aggregating and making sense of inconsistent information and data.

    PTOLEMUS is the first strategic advisory firm entirely focused on the mobility, telematics and location-based services markets.


Where Internet of Things companies go wrong

I was thinking about why so many IoT companies don’t deliver the promise of huge growth and profits but instead often soak up a lot of VC with modest exits or future exits which end up being an awful long way off. I think... 

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More banks entering the ETC market

Last week, it was announced in quick succession that four new banks across two separate road charging schemes would begin offering cashless, connected, payments to existing commercial and individual customers. Entering into a... 

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What can IoT learn from vehicle telematics ?

It seems that one cannot get through the day without a new article about IoT. The UK government is fully behind it. Deals are being done, new businesses are created every day. For me though, it’s still a little more ‘sizzle’... 

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