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    Ptolemy created the first world map, aggregating and making sense of inconsistent information and data.

    PTOLEMUS is the first strategic advisory firm entirely focused on the mobility, telematics and location-based services markets.


eCall deployment due in 2015… or 2017

From Maria Grazia Verardi eCall is a public service based on 112 number, which must be offered for free to the motorists. It is estimated to cost much less than €100 per new car. In case of a crash, an eCall-equipped ... 

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Data privacy in the US: it’s not just public opinion that is changing

In the US, the situation is not much clearer than in Europe, but the general principle is: “If you have the data, you own it,” says Dr Adrian Moore from the Mileage Based User Fee Alliance. It is undeniable that,... 

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Data privacy: it’s not just the law which is changing

With fresh calls for tighter regulation on how personal location data is handled coming from the most unlikely ranks, we look at how data management will change for insurance carriers, services providers and wireless operators. Last... 

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