Google set to challenge Uber, Lyft and Didi for control of $30 billion car pooling market

The world of connected car pooling just got a little more interesting. Last week, it was announced that the Google-owned navigation app, Waze will enter the car pooling space with a little twist. Waze’s proposition: to allow... 

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Why OEMs will dominate the global car sharing market

The major OEMs have all been late to the car sharing game. Despite this, within a very short space of time, they are moving towards a dominant position in many major countries and have proven to be among the most innovative B2C... 

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Connectivity and partnerships will redefine mobility

Over the past year, there have been real shifts in the connected mobility landscape involving players from across the mobility spectrum. Sensing visceral threats to their existence, carmakers are at the forefront of these changes.... 

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