The role of the cities in advancing autonomy

Regulations allowing the use of driverless vehicles are, by and large, missing. The issue is that the regulatory framework required is complex and very different everywhere we looked. Depending where you are, the highway code... 

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Who benefits from an ecosystem of Driverless Taxis?

With the announced arrival of driverless vehicles used in fleets of taxis, we are at the dawn of a new age of mobility. Level 4 driverless technology is expected to add an additional £10,000 (at cost price) to the price of a... 

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OEMs will use mobility platforms to deliver the driverless car

Following the withdrawal of DriveNow from San Francisco in 2015, BMW’s re-launched premium US car sharing service ReachNow, has gone from strength to strength. In a few short months, ReachNow has attracted more than 40,000 users... 

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