• PTOLEMUS is a strategy consulting firm advising all ecosystem players on how to succeed in the world of geo-connected mobility

    Ptolemy created the first world map, aggregating and making sense of inconsistent information and data.

    PTOLEMUS is the first strategic advisory firm entirely focused on the mobility, telematics and location-based services markets.


112 mobile emergency location is still 10 years behind 911

EENA (European Emergency Number Association) has been working for years on promoting and regimenting the way emergency calls are located. Now that more than 60% of emergency calls are made through mobile phones, the old ways of... 

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The new face of mobility pricing is powered by connected services

The new “Paid As You don’t Drive” device Holland is where the future of mobility pricing is starting. In anticipation of the forthcoming report from PTOLEMUS on  Read More →

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UBI service providers won’t be bullied by data privacy regulations

Meeting the UK UBI sector earlier this month, there was a very interesting discussion on the requirements from the UBI service providers (“TSP”) towards requests for their telematics data. The issues debated circled... 

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