Car makers should not be worried by Tesla’s Master Plan, Part Deux

Tesla has innovated in a number of highly impressive ways and demonstrated its ability to be one step ahead of established car manufacturers, particularly in terms of how it markets and sells its vehicles. That said, Master Plan,... 

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Can In-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspots become a connected car USP?

In-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspots were first introduced as an optional extra by car manufacturers such as BMW in Europe and General Motors (GM) in North America. However, due to the high price point of OEM-fitted solutions and mobile... 

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Road tolling can deliver long-term success to the car sharing and pooling markets

In a very short space of time, peer-to-peer (P2P) car sharing and pooling have grown from parochial, niche and predominantly local schemes into vast national and international platforms with users numbering in the tens of millions... 

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