• PTOLEMUS is a strategy consulting firm advising all ecosystem players on how to succeed in the world of geo-connected mobility

    Ptolemy created the first world map, aggregating and making sense of inconsistent information and data.

    PTOLEMUS is the first strategic advisory firm entirely focused on the mobility, telematics and location-based services markets.


UBI service providers won’t be bullied by data privacy regulations

Meeting the UK UBI sector earlier this month, there was a very interesting discussion on the requirements from the UBI service providers (“TSP”) towards requests for their telematics data. The issues debated circled... 

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Big Data’s biggest potential is not even telematics

IoT networks mimic our nervous system Based on Frederic Bruneteau’s presentation on the topic in December 2014 in Paris at SFR M2M Campus. A lot has already been said about the Internet of Things (IoT) and it is a fact that... 

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eCall to be mandatory on new car models from 31 March 2018

From Maria Grazia Verardi As anticipated in our first article on eCall (the European automatic emergency service, 112-based), the European Parliament and council negotiators have finally agreed the deal on a life-saving automatic... 

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