The Global Mobility Roadbook

The Global Mobility Roadbook


The first holistic, user-centric, analysis of future global mobility

We all change. Every day. So does global mobility.

Global Mobility Roadbook coverFrom automation to smartphonisation and electrification, 12 converging mega-trends are reshaping transportation as we know it.

By 2030, the transportation landscape will be barely recognisable.

The implications touch a broad ecosystem of stakeholders from automotive suppliers, OEMs to cities, public transport operators, insurers, energy companies, etc. All of them must shift.

PTOLEMUS’ value proposition to the global mobility ecosystem

The Global Mobility Roadbook is the first market research ever published to take a holistic (combining the impact of the 12 mega-trends) and user-centric (vs. vehicle-centric) view of the move from transportation to mobility.

Don’t look at the future with old lenses!

The silo-based, vehicle-centric view of the world is outdated.


To quote Mark Twain, we did not know it was impossible so we did it! In this study, we measure global mobility in passenger km, not in number of vehicles. Across 18 different land transport modes. In 18 regions covering 168 countries.

We have appraised and measured the impacts of these 12 mobility mega-trends on all key stakeholders, from cities and leasing companies to technology giants.

Mobility case studies

What do we cover?

Over 750 pages of analysis on future mobility:

  • Over 18 regions or 168 countries
  • Defining the mobility ecosystem and power players
  • Analysing 12 core trends and how they impact key stakeholders, including strategic guidelines on leveraging them
  • Evaluating & ranking key MaaS platform suppliers
  • 8 case studies of advanced cities reducing congestion and an analysis of best practices
  • quantitative city model to predict the impact of new mobility modes on overall trips
  • An overview of investment in mobility, including by category and core hubs
  • The 2018-2030 global mobility demand forecast across 11 land transport modes in Excel format

Mobility modes

We respond to key strategic questions:

  • What are the necessary building blocks to operate a complete mobility platform?
  • What are the best software platforms providing MaaS today?
  • How will the 18 mobility modes evolve in my market?
  • How will the change in mobility behaviour in cities affect the overall car market?
  • How can cities quantify and predict how many new modes will affect the distribution of trips by mode?
  • Who will provide the data analytics to power the MaaS business model?
  • Will AVs reduce or increase the total number of urban trips?

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