Norway Vehicle Electrification Study

Norway Vehicle Electrification Study


Norway is 5-10 years ahead of the rest of the world in terms of vehicle electrification

Norway Vehicle Electrification StudyNorway has succeeded where every other country has largely or completely failed! And it is not only, or even mainly, about money!

While some factors have made it easier to experiment with electrification in Norway than elsewhere, most of the components of its success can be emulated by other governments. And car makers as well as charging point operators (CPOs) can also save $ billions by replicating Norway’s recipes as well as avoiding its errors.

The world can learn (and earn) a lot from the Norwegian example—evidence based recommendations below—and that is precisely why PTOLEMUS Consulting Group published the Norway Vehicle Electrification Study.

Norway EV Adoption Rate ChartThis great EV adoption success story is somewhat surprising in the light of the substandard user experience that EV drivers often have experienced. There are few excuses for the OEMs and public charging operators too often still provide incorrect, incomplete or unrealistic information about EVs’ driving range and charging performance.

For the world to succeed with its electrification and climate ambitions, we need continued EV purchase incentives, and large investments in public charging infrastructure, and sufficient decarbonised electricity...

Here are some examples of the successes to follow and pitfalls to avoid from the Norway vehicle electrification example:

Successes to follow: Fix home charging first

Norway vehicle electrification successes

Pitfalls to avoid: Stop supporting hybrids

Norway vehicle electrification pitfalls to avoid

The study answers the following key strategic questions


Norway Vehicle Electrification Questions Answered

The Norway Vehicle Electrification Study is the first inside-out report bringing insights into the often poorly understood successes and failures from the global car electrification leader – Norway. It shows how countries can use car taxation rather than wasteful subsidies and a mostly market-led approach to build the world's best public EV charging infrastructure.

This study includes:

  • 120-page analysis of the Norway vehicle electrification example
  • Assessment of the global challenges of electrification
  • Norway's electrification success stories
  • Detailed explanation of the pitfalls for other countries to avoid
  • 10 recommendations to automotive OEMs such as: Focus on improving battery efficiency & technology
  • 15 recommendations to governments worldwide such as: Ensure careful fine-tuning of incentives
  • 10 recommendations to charging point operators (CPOs) such as: Provide price information (per kW) at the charging point

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