Google in Mobility Report

Google in Mobility Report


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The first in-depth investigation of whether, how and when Google will take over the urban mobility market.

Alphabet operates one of the most widely used mapping services in the world. It has been making inroads into the urban multi-modal mobility space for some time, being the first map maker to provide a decent coverage of transit / public transport options. It was also the first to directly integrate Uber rides in trip planning and to provide bicycle navigation.

With a global reach of 4 billion travellers, an R&D budget of $30 billion and ownership of 2 of the strongest mobility apps —Google Maps and Waze— no company is better positioned in this space than Google.

In fact, most urban mobility stakeholders, including Public Transport Operators (PTOs), already rely on Google Maps.

So the question is not whether Google could be the dominant force in urban mobility. It is already.

The questions are: Where will they stop? Will they be the first to offer Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) on a large scale? What will be the impact on PTOs, cities, other Mobility Service Providers (MSPs) and MaaS platform providers?

This exclusive research is answering them.

Google in Mobility Report Highlights:

  • An analysis of Google’s current and future strategy in urban mobility
  • An in-depth review of Google's success to date
  • An analysis of Google’s partnerships and actions in urban mobility
  • An overview of Google’s strategy and initiatives in the mobility field including Google Maps, Google Wallet, Waze and Waymo
  • A detailed analysis of 4 strategy alternatives that Google could adopt to offer MaaS, including the integration of booking, ticketing and payment
  • An evaluation of the future MaaS evolution scenarios, including customer segment needs and future drivers of demand and supply
  • An assessment of the future role, position and strategy of Google in the MaaS market
  • A forecast of Google’s EBITDA generated by MaaS in Europe, the region where it is the most advanced in the domain

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