TAC 5 meeting

TAC will organise its fifth meeting focusing on Urban autonomous mobility on June 5th. You can now register using the form below

You will find a draft agenda below. If you or your company is interested in participating as a speaker, contact tac@ptolemus.com


5th June 



THON EU Hotel, Rue de la Loi 75, 1040 Bruxelles, Belgium


How automation will impact Urban Mobility

Registration and coffee

8.30 AM start


Define the expected impact of AVs on city transport rules

  • Which traffic rules need to be updated?
  • How will current vehicles and AVs coexist on the road?
  • Who will finance the connected urban infrastructure (roads, roundabouts, traffic signs, etc.)?
  • Are regulations needed to manage pedestrians’ interaction with AVs?

A representative from the EU commission and/ or parliament to be confirmed

Mobility provider

Redefine the role of urban driverless transit based on real case experimentations

  • Lesson learned from the NAVYA driverless vehicle programmes in 3 cities
  • Define the role of the local, regional and national regulator is accelerating the adoption of driverless vehicles. 
  • Identify the different models to run urban driverless vehicles and how to demonstrate the business cases
  • Discuss how to fit the driverless car into the city mobility landscape

Christophe Lemaire, Managing Director, International at Keolis

9.00 AM 

City council

How to create the infrastructure needed to control future urban traffic

  • What can we learn from the autonomous shuttle trials in ISSY?
  • What are the ways the city can facilitate parking?
  • Can the city affect traffic by changing people’s use of their car?
  • How is the SoMobility project proposing to impact urban traffic?
  • Key issues to be resolved

Eric Legale, General Director, ISSY Media


Modelling the impacts of shared (and automated) vehicles on urban mobility

  • Introduction to the ITF and its transport policy mandate
  • What are the expected impacts of sharing (and automation) on urban traffic?
  • How to quantify the impact on other areas, such as modal shift, insurance, or infrastructure?
  • What will be the role of the different levels of government policies in the transition to shared mobility?

Dr. Tom Vöge, Policy Analyst at the International Transport Forum 

Open discussion

10.00 AM 

Wrap up and networking coffee

12 AM meeting end

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5th June 2018

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TAC5: The impact of AVs on urban autonomous mobility

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