UBI Global Study 3rd Edition

The UBI market has continued to grow rapidly since 2013 and is now estimated at 12 million drivers globally. Telematics continues to radically transform the world of auto insurance, not only with different devices, but also by using more of the car’s data directly. We have performed continuous UBI research to keep up with these trends.

This new update brings the insurance industry closer to the world of autonomous vehicles and is the first to estimate the impact of autonomous functions will have on claims as well as the timeline of the impact.

The UBI Global Study 3rd edition remains the most comprehensive report on the telematics insurance sector, now with more case studies, more company profiles, more segmented focus and an exclusive market forecast until 2030.

ubi research - ubi global study 3rd editionThis study also comes with the Connected Insurance Analytics report, an add-on to the UBI main study specifically dedicated to dealing with big data analytics.
You will find all the details on advancing towards advanced analytics here

Uniquely, the new edition assesses the 6 key trends in the telematics insurance industry today:

  • The evolution of applicable regulations
  • The changes in the device mix used in insurance telematics
  • The changing role of smartphones in insurance
  • The business case for OEM-led UBI
  • The use of car data for value added services
  • The integration of telematics into claims systems
  • The move towards Big Datanalytics
  • The impact of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • The effect of Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) on the insurance industry

Based on more than 200 new interviews, the UBI Global Study 3rd edition targets insurers and telematics service providers as well as technology providers. It also addresses the core issues and solutions for new players to start successful programmes or to approach new or immature markets.

To give you an idea of the scope of the full study, we are publicly sharing the first part.
At 125 pages, the free abstract is only a fraction of the full study.

UBI Global Study 3rd edition

  • 1200+ pages of analysis & recommendations including a 200 pages stakeholders’ guide
  • 190-page add-on report on advanced analytics (new)
  • 38 case studies of players around the world
  • 64 applicable patents listed
  • 6 critical trends analysed
  • The Connected Insurance Analytics report
  • 78 companies and offers analysed individually
  • 28 countries evaluated for their opportunities in UBI
  • 5 and 15 year market forecast outputs including 60 graphs
  • the Connected Insurance Analytics report

UBI Global Study 3rd edition, Free Abstract

  • Executive summary
  • 3 UBI leaders interviewed
  • 125+ page overview of today’s UBI market
  • More than 400 companies listed and categorised
  • US auto insurance state filing process
  • Analysis of the impact of ADAS

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