Contextual Information Interpretation technology Book

The First Autonomous Vehicle Contextual Information Interpretation Technology Book

Recent high profile Uber and Tesla crashes have caused so many OEMs to rethink their technology strategy and to add more redundant layers including LiDARs, HA GNSS, and HD maps.

This leads to a complete level 4 solution costing above $10,000 in 2022. The price of long-range LiDARs for level 4, for instance, will remain upwards of $5,000 in 2022.

We are releasing the autonomous vehicle contextual information interpretation technology book as a cross-technology mini-study that covers HA GNSS, HD maps, and V2X to help OEMs, tier-1 and tier-2 suppliers define a go-to-market strategy that offers reference standard reliability and can be introduced in real-world vehicles.

What do we cover?

More than 120 pages of analysis on the autonomous vehicle contextual information interpretation technology book supplier landscape:

  • A comprehensive architecture of Autonomous Vehicles including the perception, decision planning, control, chassis, operating system, and security layers
  • Appraisal of the HA GNSS, HD maps and V2X technology in detail
  • In-depth analysis of each of the contextual information interpretation technologies that covers
    • Technology overview and cost analysis 
    • Benefits and hurdles of using each of the vision sensors
    • Key players and market landscape
    • Progress made by various players through use cases
  • Profiles of 11 key AV HA GNSS and HD maps suppliers including players such as
    • GMV
    • Novotel/Hexagon
    • Point one navigation
    • Septentrio
    • Swift Navigation
    • Teria
    • Trimble
    • Dynamic map platform
    • Here
    • TomTom
    • Zenrin
  • PTOLEMUS analysis about their progress and ranking
  •  A bottom-up forecast of the global autonomous vehicle technology suppliers market to 2030 covering HA GNSS and HD maps industry in Excel format

At over 100 pages the autonomous vehicle contextual information interpretation technology book answers key questions including:

  • Who will win the suppliers race to autonomy?
  • How will the key autonomous driving technologies evolve?
  • Will the costs of a few key sensors dictate the overall price of the AV?



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