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With the converging pressures of increasing traffic congestion, falling fuel tax revenue, historic under-investment and subsequent lost economic activity, the worldwide market for ETC is growing at an increasing rate. As legislative barriers and physical infrastructure continue to decline, tolling is becoming increasingly connected and electronic. By 2025, more than 60% of existing toll sites are expected to become gate free.

The Global Electronic Toll Charging Study represents the most comprehensive analysis of the road charging and tolling market, seen from a connected vehicle service perspective.

The 650 page independent and market based document is the only study on road charging to analyse the synergies between e-tolling and other connected vehicle services, including market data and forecasts such as: 

  • A detailed investigation into current and future tolling activities across 36 countriesin Europe, the Americas and Asia
  • Each country rated for their potential attractiveness as a tolling domain
  • A calculation of the growth in users over the next 10 yearsaccording to region
  • Forecasts for the burgeoning Asian market

See how the Asia-Oceania market alone is set to explode, driven mainly by China; the country with the largest tolling infrastructure in the world. We anticipate that active DSRC will start being deployed from 2017 and generate over €40 billion by 2025.  We further expect the U.S. to overtake Japan as the world’s largest ETC market by 2018, with over 77 million subscribers.

The most comprehensive study on global electronic tolling


The report profiles no less than 35 countries, including France, China, the United States, Germany, Austria, Turkey, Canada, Mexico, India, Ireland and many more. The profiles include:

  • Comprehensive information on the existing tolled network
  • Background and trends
  • Technology and device specifications
  • Toll revenue and traffic flows 
  • Network interoperability
  • Investment attractiveness rating
  • Toll revenue index
  • Electronic toll charging usage rates
  • Network growth over a 10 year period



The report further provides profiles and analysis for 25 companies, including toll service providers, systems integrators, and operators, including information such as:

  • Key facts and figures
  • Geographical presence and activities per region
  • Toll market types and product range
  • Functions in the electronic tolling value chain
  • Key customers and suppliers
  • Strengths, weaknesses and threats




The report covers all areas of the electronic tolling market, ranging from the concept of road charging, future applications, building the right business case, enforcement, interoperability and the connected landscape.


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Electronic Toll Collection Global Study from Justin Hamilton