Pейтинге производителей электронных систем взимания дорожных

The company Kapsch took the top spot in the world ranking of manufacturers of electronic systems of toll and claims the second place among suppliers of solutions for operators highways

PTOLEMUS Consulting Group announced the results of world ranking manufacturers of electronic toll collection systems. Industry leaders were called system integrators Kapsch, Autostrade and Sanef, and navigation technology in the palm went to automotive suppliers Continental and Magneti Marelli.

Based on the 650-page study of the situation in the global industry of road tolls, PTOLEMUS Consulting Group was the first independent global rating of manufacturers of electronic charging systems for the use of motorways.

Companies were divided into three groups: system integrators, technology vendors and service providers. The full evaluation report can be downloaded at this link.

The first place among system integrators, the company took TrafficCom Kapsch. The second and third were companies Autostrade per l’Italia and Sanef ITS. Experience of integration of different models, protocols and technologies charging Kapsch company also brought on the top line of the rating of the countries of Europe, Asia, South and North America.

Company Autostrade per l’Italia, Sanef ITS, EFKON and Q-Free have occupied a leading position in the European market thanks to the experience in the integration of wireless short-range (DSRC) systems and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). If Siemens and T-Systems will be able to build on the success achieved by the supply of satellite navigation systems in Slovakia, Germany and Belgium, then in the future they may be closer to the leaders.

TransCore Company, and Xerox entered the top five systems integrators in the Americas. The reason was their strong position on the toll motorways market US, but in other parts of the world, their presence is not so noticeable.

The basis of the ranking based on the results evaluation of suppliers of electronic toll systems and intelligent transport systems in different regions. I consider a wide range of criteria, including experience, achievements, innovation, global presence, the resources allocated to the development of electronic payment systems, as well as development potential.

Rating, compiled using client-oriented approach, not only demonstrates the professionalism of the leading companies, but also opportunities for new and small businesses operating in different market segments.

The rating also featured company Autostrade (Atlantia), Axxès, Bosch, DKV Euro Service, Egis Projects, Electronic Transaction Consultants, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Shell, Telepass and Union Tank (UTA).


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