Mobility-as-a-Service Market Report Highlights

Mobility-as-a-Service Market Report Highlights:

  • An examination of the regulatory, business and technological context behind MaaS
  • An in-depth description of the building blocks of a MaaS solution
  • A description and examples of the different MaaS business models
  • An analysis of the most relevant European public MaaS initiatives, including 10 case studies
  • A detailed assessment of the MaaS value chain
  • A benchmark of 12 MaaS platform suppliers such as Citymapper, Skipr, and Whim.
  • Our predictions for the future of the MaaS market, including evolution scenarios, analysis of the segments’ needs, and current and future drivers of supply and demand
  • A forecast of the volume of trips by transport mode in the major European countries
  • Revenue of transactions enabled by MaaS platforms in Europe until 2030, including MaaS adoption by mobility mode
  • Short and long-term strategy recommendations to key industry stakeholders, including:
    • Public Transport Authorities (PTAs) such as: Île-de-France Mobilités and Transport Ministries
    • Billing & ticketing system suppliers such as: Conduent, Cubic and Siemens
    • Public Transport Operators (PTOs) such as: Deutsche Bahn, GVB and STIB
    • Mobility Service Providers (MSPs) such as: Telepass, TIER and VOI
    • MaaS platform providers such as: Fluidtime, Lyko and Skedgo

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