New mobility rules and systems are the only antidote to the continued growth in urban traffic by 2030

Date: Thursday April 18, 2019

Cities are facing a major crisis due to the ever-increasing number of vehicles on their roads. For example, air pollution causes premature death for 4.2 million people every year. What’s more, PTOLEMUS’ analysis found that the volume of vehicles will continue to grow significantly. The number of kilometres driven by cars, buses, and motorcycles will grow at 45%, 55% and 120% respectively by 2030. Currently planned road and railway infrastructure networks will not be sufficient. The only way for cities to handle this evolution will be to radically transform the way they operate. They must begin to regulate their current transportation systems with new mobility rules.

The fast adoption of new models generating a more efficient use of vehicles and infrastructure and enabling a user-centric mobility model will be the antidote to avoid terminal paralysis. For example, Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), integrating multiple transport modes, will cut citizens’ dependancy on private cars.

PTOLEMUS has published its Mobility Roadbook to help not only cities but also 15 other mobility stakeholder categories, from OEMs to Public Transport Operators, to better navigate this transformation.

Frederic Bruneteau, Managing Director, commented: “Cities and the mobility industry are facing a secular challenge. Technology will not be sufficient to tackle rising transportation demand. Opening up the data silos and defining new mobility rules are a must. We are providing a roadbook to the industry to manage this shift effectively.”

In 750 pages, the study combines PTOLEMUS’ mobility research series, including:

  • An qualitative and quantitative analysis of 12 mega-trends impacting mobility
  • An assessment of these trends’ impact on 16 mobility stakeholder categories and guidelines to plan for future mobility
  • A 2018-2030 demand forecast for 11 different transport modes across 18 regions
  • An appraisal of the MaaS ecosystem and its key platform suppliers
  • A guidebook for cities, including best practices for reducing congestion and a city model to predict the impact of new mobility modes on overall trips
  • An investors’ guide with an analysis of investment trends for 5 mobility sectors and profiles of 600 mobility start-ups and scale-ups

More information and a free abstract of the report are available here.

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