Quantifying future opportunities in shared mobility services

PTOLEMUS assisted one of the largest American car rental companies to understand if they could leverage its expertise and knowhow in fleet management and provide it to other players in the car-sharing, car pooling and ride-hailing segments. They needed PTOLEMUS to help them assess and forecast the market potential for such a service.

The client was looking to both understand and evaluate fleet service opportunities across multiple markets with a special focus on car-sharing, for both peer to peer as well as business to consumer models, car-pooling, and ride-hailing services.

The client seeked to understand the requirements for the specific markets and quantify the fleet service opportunity size across markets, segments and estimating its evolution over time. The client also faced significant time constraints.

Leveraging its considerable intellectual capital accumulated on the aforementioned subjects, PTOLEMUS was able to generate quantitative and qualitative insights for the services of interest and the markets which were required by the client. Bespoke models for the global car sharing market for both P2P and B2C services and global ride hailing services was created.

The short-term project was delivered within a 1 month timeframe, which was a crucial aspect for the client. PTOLEMUS successfully assisted the client in acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the car sharing, pooling and ride hailing markets, the fleet service opportunities and its future evolution.