Location Study

Have you noticed that everybody now expects to have location information for free?

Users expect it free from the service providers,

Developers expect it free from the device API set;
Governments expect it free to help save lives; … but where does it all come from?

GPS chipsets are not free, Wi-Fi location is not free and Cell-ID location is not free.

So who pays for positioning?
How are the partnerships and business models evolving to fill in the gap between the price expectation and the cost?
And are the revenues from positioning growing as fast as the LBS hype?

One thing you can get for free, is a 110-page abstract of our European Location Study

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It’s time to take a long hard look at the business of providing location.

To do so, we have pulled together over 100 interviews and 6 months of research to build the European Location Study 2010

It includes:

  • Plain English explanation of how positioning technologies work
  • Straightforward analysis of how they compare: cost, speed, accuracy….
  • Detailed overview of the main location-based services and their location requirements
  • Graphic representation of the positioning ecosystems and market infrastructures
  • Examination of the business models for each technology
  • Evaluation of the major trends, opportunities and risks
  • Success stories and cases studies

If you think your company can benefit from knowing exactly the shape, size and direction of the location market in Europe, then you must act now!

If you want to know more, please look at the slides below,

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