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    Our vision

    PTOLEMUS Consulting Group is the first strategic advisory firm entirely focused on the Mobility Ecosystem.

    It was named after Claudius Ptolemaeus, the Greek geographer who, in the 2nd century, gathered and united diverse maps into the first real world map. We believe geography, i.e. the location of individuals and objects as well as their mobility, will play a key role in the future.

    Why? Well, first, all forces behind globalisation help make individuals and objects move all the time.

    Second, whilst ten years ago there was virtually no way to easily locate these, it is now becoming very simple to do so. Technologies such as GPS or WPS have radically changed the landscape.

    Third, wireless connectivity is becoming ubiquitous and more affordable, which will help low cost, low margin applications to flourish.

    Combined, these three factors will lead to a fantastic explosion in the number of location-aware, connected mobile objects.

    PTOLEMUS serves the strategic needs of companies impacted by this revolution, i.e.

    1. Those that drive this industry and
    2. Those whose business is strongly influenced by the mobility of people and goods.

    We will call these businesses mobile companies.

    Download the full presentation about PTOLEMUS Consulting Group here.