Electronic toll collection (ETC) has recently taken a turn and is now becoming a global trend.

Debts, ageing population, reduced fuel tax revenue and above all, sharp increase in infrastructure building costs have transformed tolling from a local revenue generating scheme to a national policy applied worldwide.

In this context electronic tolling and road user charging have become recognised methods to collect tolls in an efficient, fair and sustainable way.

Today however, we are confronted by a multitude of technology standards and toll types that are not only incompatible with each other but also incompatible with the demands of our society.

This is why we have spent 18 months researching the ETC market and analysing its evolution. As with our past publications, it is written to become the reference document for its industry. (A short 95-page abstract can be downloaded here)

At over 650 pages, it encompasses everything there is to know about the various road charging mechanisms. The study includes over 170 charts, diagrams, illustrations and tables.

ETC Global Study figures

The reference tool for strategic decision making


The Electronic Toll Charging Global Study contains a wide array of analysis and commentary on all aspects of road charging and connected services, in addition to country profiles assessing the opportunities for road chargers and solutions providers

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A strategic analysis of Road User Charging

  • The drivers behind the growth of ETC in Europe and the US
  • Analysis of the business case for interoperability in Europe and the US
  • A step-by-step guide to select and switch between toll types
  • Analysis of the operators’ opportunities in flow management and value added service (VAS) provision
  • Demonstration of the opportunities linked to delivering tolling as part of a connected vehicle service set
  • Overview of the need for and efforts toward inter-state toll roaming with recommendations to stakeholders involved.

An electronic tolling technology analysis

  • A complete assessment -and neutral comparison- of the toll technologies in use today worldwide
  • Analysis and comparison of the toll types and how they apply to different environment
  • Assessment of the strategic and technical solution to interoperability
  • Assessment of the regulatory and technology standards changes

A road charging market analysis

  • 36 countries analysed and rated for their potential attractiveness
  • A handbook of the 25 most significant stakeholders in ETC today with critical analysis and rating
  • Key trends in transportation and traffic in Europe
  • The fleet management market evolution and its effect on tolling

A ETC market sizing and forecast     

PLUS: The new trends: big car data, mobile tolling, mobility pricing and sustainable mobility

Read the study’s main findings in the presentation below