What is a Vehicle Data Hub?

A vehicle data hub (VDH) is a platform for exchanging connected vehicle data with multiple third parties, by ingesting vehicle data from multiple data providers and making it available to multiple data consumers.

The vehicle data hub concept replaces point-to-point data connections with a centrally located “hub” with “spokes” that branch-out to all data consuming parties.

In order to achieve scalability, VDHs typically:

  • Harmonise data
  • Support technological hurdles and costs
  • Create an ecosystem around their central position
  • Facilitate the transfer of connected car data in-between all stakeholders
  • Create new business opportunities to all stakeholders

Examples of VDHs include: Otonomo, Wejo and Verisk.

PTOLEMUS’ VDM forecast shows that the market created by connected car data through a VDH will attain €301 billion in 2020.

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